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a bench can be installed against a guard, but if the deck is more than 30 inches above grade, a flat bench cannot be the guard figure 7 . figure 7. railings need be no higher behind a bench than anywhere else, but a bench alone cannot serve as a guardrail.

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the blocks should be spaced to make a 7' x 19' rectangle, leaving about 6 inches from each block for deck boards to add another 8' x 20' rectangle. using a string level or laser level, make sure each block is level.

ground level deck - pier blocks or footings

i used deck blocks from a concrete supplier, not the name brand ones from hd. they are 5.5' high, octagonal, and have and indentation for a 4x4. much easier to deal with if you have to bury the blocks a bit. name brand blocks are about 9-10 inches high.

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theyre precast concrete blocks that act like feet on top of the soil, supporting the 4×4 posts that hold up the deck. the best deck blocks also have slots cast in the top surface to accept 2x wood on edge.

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block footings dig properly sized holes and fill them in with care to give block footings a stable hold. 3. beams: the beams are truly the backbone of your deck; dont be afraid to overdo it when building them. while your local code will dictate both the minimum lumber size and number of plies you must use, i prefer to go up one on either the number of plies three layers

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first and foremost, check with your local building codes and acquire permits if necessary. because we built a deck that wasnt attached to the house and it was less than 30 inches from the ground, our local code didnt require a permit. additionally, our local codes dont require railings for decks less than 30 inches high.

built a 10x16 deck with dek-blocks on a budget about $800

our deck runs 22' x 28' and is scalloped around an above ground swimming pool. after a summer of fielding $7,000 quotes for said deck, my wife found the dek-block process online, and we built the deck with our kids for around $2,000.

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the dek-block piers are a floating foundation system for building decks. they are made out of concrete but the amount contained in them is far less than the amount required to fill the standard deck foundation hole. it will accommodate a vertical 4x4 post or a 2x on its side.

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they must have a sufficient bearing area the area of the block that sits on the earth and be a minimum of 12-inches below grade, or below the local frost depth. they cannot, however, be simply placed at grade level. the connection of the deck support post to the blocks is not consistently regulated throughout the country.

footings for patio deck - concrete block or concrete tube

footings for patio deck - concrete block or concrete tube forms, height of deck and codes. in the span and width dimensions at 8 ft out from the house 3 holes should have been dug 48' with 10' sona tube being used in 54' length and left 6' above grade and put the metal saddle for 6x6 post levelled and each hole 3ft to centre on each hole so that your beam lines up correctly and is strapped with a metal plate back and front.

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re: deck using dek blocks. for the beam i plane to use 2x8 and 2x8 joist .so planning to use 9 blocks total. the total joist span is 16ft which will have 1 ft over hang either side and supported by three beams at 1 ft, 7ft,14ft . i will use 16' oc for joist spacing . should i do anything more .