how to attach pergola to existing deck

attaching 6x6 posts to a existing deck for a pergola

attaching 6x6 posts to a existing deck for a pergola. building a pergola on a deck - learn how to build a wood pergola shade feature over your deck. beams attached to posts will support one or more layers of cross members. the spacing and using 6x6's for support posts will further strengthen the structure. deck lok.

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the following steps describe how to build a large attached pergola. my pergola. step 1 attach a ledger board to the house using lag bolts. how to build an attached 16x20 pergola on an existing deck 2 how to attach a wooden railing to a concrete porch 3 how to install a roof mount basketball hoop

how to build a pergola on existing deck - light and space

if you arent sure about how much weight your deck can handle, install longer pergola posts that run down through the deck and attach to their own footings. you should try and match the wood for your new pergola to that of your existing deck so that the two will naturally blend together.

attaching 6x6 posts to a existing deck for a pergola

build a pergola on your existing deck - dlarson - hubpages porch, deck, and patio improvements - similar to build a pergola on your existing deck - dlarson - hubpages jun 12, 2008 the 6x6's are held on to the deck by metal brackets which are in-and . been anchored in concrete and the deck attached to them but this pergola was an

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pergola over existing deck. pull off enough deck boards so that you can dig the footings. place the posts between the joists and girders of the deck. if it's a wood pergola, use sonotubes and set simpson cb's or cbsq's for the wood posts to rest in. if it's aluminum with steel posts or vinyl, you can embed the posts in the wet concrete of the footings.

attaching a pergola rood to a existing deck

building the pergola over an existing patio instead of building a new one saves you a drive remote stakes an equal distance from the house, attaching a string to help . we wanted the roof of the pergola to align with the fascia of the house for a . where the rafters meet the center beam f2 , angle the 3-in.

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my idea for the pergola is this: place 4x4x10 posts at the same locations as the deck posts. for the 4 posts that are at the outer edges of the deck a, b, d, e , the 5th post c would be 2 feet in from the edges of the deck, run 2x6 beams between the new posts, either sitting on top of

how to attach pergola posts to deck

how to attach pergola posts to deck hello, i've always reserched this site for answers, but this is the first time for posting a thread. hubby and i have built a deck, free standing, and now want to add a pergola.

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you can tie the deck down with cables and ground pegs. but then you have the cable wires you have to set into notches in the joist so they don't interfere with the decking over top. the issue with a pergola on a deck is not the connection to the deck - if done properly.

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9 answers. replace the corner and center railing post with the pergola post using through bolts. the weight of the pergola will only be the weight of the material itself. if you would like, you could add angle brackets underneath the deck where the deck joist and the band board meet to increase the sheer strength of the band board fasteners.

adding a pergola to an existing deck? - home improvement

i have an existing deck on the back of my house, and id like to add a pergola. the deck is 17 x 16, and id like to build the pergola to roughly match the size and shape. the attached picture shows a view of the deck from above, along with measurements and placements of the existing support posts and beams.