installing a wooden floor in a boat

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re: 16' john boat floor installation cool idea with the ladders. here's a shot of the front deck on my 1436. the deck is flushed to the tops of the ribs, with 1 additional 1x1 pine stringer in between each of the boat's aluminum stingers. you can see one of the pine stringers at the bottom of the pic.

can vinyl flooring be used on a boat?

it depends. yes, vinyl flooring can be used on a boat, but only in a room that can be temperature controlled. meaning, you can install vinyl flooring in the cabin, but you should not install it on the deck. since luxury vinyl plank flooring is fully water resistant, it is the ideal solution for a boat where moisture is a major issue.

help with ideas for wood floor on my

the framing must be attatched to the floor and side of the boat. when all that is done, install a pedistal of choice on the front deck, a removable seat in the center, and a swivel seat in the back for yourself. go fishing and kick your feet up. keep in mind this does add a lot of weight to the boat.

replacing the wood in the floors of my boat

way2slow. when you install the new floor and go to put the top back on, it won't fit. also, a very common thing to find with rotten a rotten floor is rotten stingers and wet floation foam the older boats used open cell foam that holds water better than a sponge , and they are totally no fun to replace.

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i am thinking about installing a wood floor in my boat on my old century ski boat. i would leave the existing floor their to use as a sub-floor if you will. i have a lot of pre-finished 3/4' wood floor from a project. i would install the floor just as i sketched in the second picture.

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re: replacing rotten floor on aluminum boat the structural strength refers to the resin. without the glass it is subject to cracking which would then allow water to intrude into the wood. as to venting, is it your intention to deck the entire boat? if so will you have a bilge area in the stern of the boat?

how to use treated wood for aluminum boat floors gone

floorboards are an ideal addition to an aluminum boat. they will provide a buffer from the pumping action of the boat's bottom against the water for your feet and gear. the false bottom will also allow water to drain into the channels in the true bottom and run aft to the drain, thereby keeping your feet and gear drier.

4 mistakes to avoid when repairing a rotting boat floor

nailing the boat floor. a boat floor is not meant to have nails in it and doing so weakens the structure. it also creates spaces where water can get deeper into the boat, the floor, and other areas. even a gap as small as a nail head can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy boat so when replacing flooring, avoid nailing altogether.

how to put a floor in an aluminum boat diy

ultimate jon boat floor cutting wood part2 - duration: installing tile floor for the first time how to lay tile floor - duration: hdpe vs. wood for jon boat decks tbnation

boat carpet

for many decades, most boats had wood floors and that greatly limited the flooring options available. most had some form of boat carpet or astro-turf and it was typically glued onto the wood subfloor. this caused many headaches for boaters. the boat carpet would get wet, and once it is wet, its very hard to dry out.

marine plywood

photo d is a piece of plywood from the floor of a boat wreck. note that even though the plywood has been snapped and left exposed to rain and wind it still holds its integrity. this was located underneath a faux teak floor meaning that it is most likely the original plywood used to build the floor of the boat. tertius wooden boat

how to replace a floor in a boat gone outdoors your

how to replace a floor in a boat. remove your boat's old flooring. try and keep as much of the old flooring intact as you can use it as a template to measure your new flooring pieces as well as a guide to line up screw holes for reassembling your deck. leave a three-inch trim of old flooring around the edge of your boat.

how to replace fiberglass boat flooring

the most common material used for boat flooring is bc plywood, and it is also used for fiberglass boats in particular. start removing the old damaged material using an electric saw to cut it; if the stringers and bulkheads are rotten, get them replaced with fiberglass ones.

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wood flooring in boat. the only way to make a floor like that is to glue and screw boards together in a gridwork. this allows air to circulate and dry out the wood. oak is not the best choice. an oily wood like teak or magohany is much better. pt solid pine is a good choice as well. use epoxy glue and stainless screws.

making a pattern installing floor timbers in a boat, part 1

email this page to a friendpreview: installing floor timbers in a wooden boat, part 1 making the pattern. march 18, 2015. it's better to have a whole boat, rather than two halves. installing floor timbers in a wooden boat ties everything together.

spring project: time to re-do your boat floor?

spring project: time to re-do your boat floor? an epoxy resin, such as west systems, is applied prior to installation to seal the wood on all sides as well as the exposed ends. you do not want to use pressure treated deck plywood as the chemicals will leach out of it and stain the carpet. 7.

how to repair a damaged floor in a boat sportsrec

the methods used to make minor repairs to wood and fiberglass floors in a boat are similar in many ways. major repairs or repairs to aluminum boat floors should be assigned to an experienced repair shop or boat yard. remove any seats or accessories as needed to fully access the damaged section of the boat floor. pull back the carpet.