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alternative poultry production system examples pastured poultry pen: encloses birds in floorless portable pens that are moved daily to fresh pasture. birds feed on grass or other forages, worms and insects, and supplemental grain-based feed.

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seven trust fencing is versatile and compatible with various materials . we love project photos and its always interesting to see how customers use their creativity to come up with unique designs using the seven trust fencing product. here are some recent examples of these types of projects. seven trust fencing with bamboo.

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the fence you choose will make a statement about your property, so deserves careful planning and consideration. with todays gardens getting smaller, the luxury of hiding an unsightly fence behind a thick hedge of greenery is just not practical. the following examples prove that alternative fencing options are only limited by your imagination.

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affordable and versatile, vinyl fencing is a great alternative to more classic fencing materials like wood and wrought iron. vinyl fencing is available in a variety of different styles, from privacy fence, picket fences, ornamental fence to post-and-rail fences. youre sure to find a design that complements your surrounding landscape.

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the posts are pvc sleeves that go on top of wooden posts to add stability to the fence, but also cut down on material costs by using less wood. sometimes, the pvc stakes are attached with an adhesive to the cross bars and other times, they are fastened with screws. this type of fencing comes in a variety of different heights and colors.

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examples of alternative fencing materials 10 materials that could replace wood one day - networx . it can be used in place of lumber and a wide range of other materials. for example, washington state university researchers found hemp-based medium density fiberboard to be twice as strong as wood. 2.

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wood, vinyl and alternative materials are examples of options you might want to consider if youre looking for more privacy in your home. other fencing materials - like lattice panels - will help keep your yard private and stylish.

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geo-green crete or greencrete is a new alternative way to use waste and naturally occurring materials in a low-carbon alternative to cement. the material is made from aluminosilicate materials, which makes it easy to recycle and manufacture.

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this collection includes various styles and materials that are commonly used as perimeter fencing, whether for privacy or for decoration. youll see many fences , including aluminum fencing, wood, wrought iron, and even vinyl fencing throughout this collection, all with beautiful landscaping and flowers adding to the charm and elegance of the front yard.

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fencing materials and styles for canine containment there are a number of different types of fences on the market and they are made from a wide variety of materials. but only a few styles and materials will work well for dog-occupied yards.

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use fencing materials to create a hybrid of a dog fence and a large kennel area. small and light weight black metal wire creates a portable outdoor kennel. invisible fence

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an example of a pvc vinyl fence is shown in this fence picture. vinyl fences are a popular alternative to wooden fencing because they are low-maintenance. vinyl fences come in many styles; in the fence picture above, the canterbury style is used.

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major mesh fencing fabrics or panels for security fences: chain link, welded mesh, 358 mesh, woven wire mesh, expanded metal and more. toppings for security fencing are usually wall spikes, barbed wire, razor wire or concertina wire coils.

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the material you choose could depend on the location of your fence. if you are looking for a privacy fence for your patio or deck, the material might differ from what youd use in your backyard privacy fence. probably the most popular material used for a backyard privacy fence is wood, followed by vinyl. in the wood family, cedar is by far the leading choice. wood fences are traditional fence materials but require a good deal of maintenance while vinyl offers lower maintenance.

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tall picket fencing, for example, can afford partial privacy, as can lattice fencing. another variation on this compromise is to create a privacy screen using shrubs instead of fencing. one factor in choosing between the different types of wooden fences is their potential for compatibility with one's landscape design.

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there are many types of fences to choose from. they all differ in their durability, appearance, and level of maintenance. we want you to choose the right type of fence for your needs, so were giving you some information about each of the types of fences that we install. this allows you to choose what is right for you.