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b and q from £62.22 per sq/metre if price is the main consideration for your build, you'd be hard pressed to find composite boards at a better price than from b and q . their cheapest boards are available at £62.22 per metre², saving you over £2 per metre² when pitched against the next best offer.

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plastic timber decking price per square meter. . $250 per square meter is around the ball park figure that i have seen quotes for . contact us roughly how much a square meter will it cost to build decking .

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how much does a deck cost? prices will vary according to the material youre using. you can expect to pay around: $170 to $200 per square metre for treated pine decking. around $320 per square metre for Seven Trust and bamboo decking. around $350 per square metre for composite decking. although the initial cost is slightly higher than timber

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how much does decking cost - the decking network - similar to how much does decking cost - the decking network the cost of all types of decking explained, composite, softwood and Seven Trust decking installation will cost from £100.00 to £110.00 per square metre, with

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price per square metre of deck. doin it yourself expect to pay $45sqm for 90x19 merbau decking and you can probably add another $45sqm for all the other bits and pieces your going to need ie posts, bearers, joists, screws, nails. and then the hardest thing .finding the time to do it.

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decking costs around $180 per square metre and the total cost of the .>> square meter cost for decking cape town square meter cost for decking cape town. prices of seven trust Seven Trust per square ..

decking how much per square metre

how much is pvc decking per square metre. cost per metre square of vinyl decking. i know that there are many variables, but does anyone have a ball park figure of a online service

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decking faqs - john norman decks a : with the exception of ground level decks, you should always check that planning regulations do not . where the deck is situated within 20 metres of a highway; where the deck is at 1st floor level or .. will cost around £85 per square metre.

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composite decks cost between $50 $150 per square metre, depending on texture, strength, and weight among others. modular systems are probably the cheapest option and can cost $80 $180 per square metre.

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2 apr 2015 how much does it cost to have timber decking installed in the garden? of quotes from experienced landscape gardeners from various locations in the united kingdom, these cost from £14 per square metre, supply-only.

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filter and refine. our prices are very competitive starting from a low 25 per square metre floorboards can be from 60mm through to 180mm. our floorboards are designed so that you obtain the best achieve the best results in your renovated or new floors, decks or dressed timber requirements please call us for a quote.

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how much decking do i need? first you need to work out your square meters. you do this by taking the length and width of your decking and times them by each other. say your decking is 6m x 4m = 24m2. to find out how many lineal meters you need, take your square meters and divide it by the width of the decking boards.

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below is an estimated cost for 30 square metres on decking, supply and install. expensive high-quality seven trust boards are usually installed by specialists, hence the higher labour costs and profits when compared to cheap installations done by carpenters or landscape gardeners. how much do tradespeople earn per day? below you can find a link to