diy deck using concrete blocks

how to use cement blocks in practical outdoor projects

concrete or cement blocks can be repurposed in numerous ways to create a lot of interesting things such as benches, media units, planters and even beds. use it in the garden, on the deck or in the back yard. also, you can use wooden boards and cement blocks to build a nice seating area around the firepit in your back yard. its really

make your own concrete blocks

make your own concrete blocks. the holes are created around pieces of plastic drainpipe as each course goes up fig. 3 . fig. 4 shows the construction of corners, fig. 5 is a detail of a doorway or cl space and fig. 6 indicates how to make a slot for a casement window or whatever.

diy projects: 15 ideas for using cinder blocks survivopedia

build a smoker/meat smoking device using cinder blocks. if you choose to diy your meat smoker, youll save lots of money in the process it will cost you about 70 bucks and smoked meat brisket is the best there is if you are interested, you could also read another survivopedia article about preserving your meat.

build it once

2. block footings: some free-floating decks are built on deck blocks rather than footings. its important to note that even though these blocks look like they just sit on the ground, there is a considerable amount of work you need to do to the ground under the blocks before placing them if you want them to stay put.

how to repurpose concrete blocks

for example, you can make a bench for the deck or garden using concrete blocks. you need 12 blocks and 4 pieces of lumber to slip in the openings. you should also use adhesive. put a mattress on the bench to make it comfortable. a lovely thing about the bench is that the concrete blocks also serve as a side tables. found on kaylasbasement .

how to repurpose concrete blocks

how to repurpose concrete blocks awesome diy projects to try. for example, you can make a bench for the deck or garden using concrete blocks. you need 12 blocks and 4 pieces of lumber to slip in the openings. you should also use adhesive. put a mattress on the bench to make it comfortable.

how to build your own floating wood deck with concrete blocks

position the deck frame. place the deck frame onto the concrete blocks so the frame parts rest over the centers of the blocks. use a framing square to check the corners of the frame for squareness 90-degree angles . square up the frame, as needed, by pushing diagonally from opposing corners this takes two people .

tips and ideas on how to build a floating deck

we used concrete deck blocks as our base 52 of them for the extra support. those suckers are heavy. once we determined our ideal placement, we leveled out our square exterior frame. utilizing the concrete footings, we placed our pressure treated 2×6 lumber into the grooves to maintain their vertical position. think real life lincoln logs.

diy floating deck: a curved freestanding deck pinspired

diy floating deck instructions: first, i figured out the locations for my concrete deck blocks. the area i was building my deck in was 13 feet x 20 feet at the longest points. since the area i built the deck in had a curve to it, it the length and width were not the same for the back of the area and the front of the area.

build a deck without digging holes using a deck post base

the variant thats designed to support a four-by-four allows you to build higher, but i would recommend keeping a deck built with deck blocks lower than six feet from the ground to the surface of the deck. how to use deck blocks: deck blocks stand in for the posts or provide a foundation for a post. they should be laid out similarly to deck posts, with the caveat that the spacing should be a little closer together, around five feet or so beneath the beams.

build a floating deck: 13 steps with pictures

the shed itself was built on blocks, floating in the same exact manner as the deck. when the frame was completed i used an electric hand planer to remove any high spots to ensure that the decking boards would lay uniformly flat.

using deck blocks to construct a deck

deck blocks are specially constructed portable foundations, generally made from poured concrete. to support a wooden deck, deck blocks are quick and easy alternative to digging footings. each block is design to support a wooden structure at the primary joints, acting in the same fashion as a poured concrete foundation. deck blocks are simple. to use deck blocks, level the places where the block will be placed.