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the place that the quilt will get the most wear is the bound edge. so, i went back to using bias binding, as i did when i first started quilting. bias binding fell out of favor because its a pain to make. bias binding is much more sturdy for the quilt because the edge of the binding has a cross-weave, rather than a strht weave.

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this is the method i use on most of my quilts, especially the ones that will be regularly handled and washed, because it covers the quilts edges with two protective layers of fabric, instead of one. strht-of-grain binding is the easiest to make. for quilts with curved edges, you should make bias binding instead.

use this easy method to make quilt binding strips

bias binding strips. the grain in bias binding strips runs at an angle, so it moves at an angle from front to back after the binding is sewn to the quilt. a split would affect a fairly small area of the quilt's edge, giving you more time to make repairs. learn how to make continuous bias binding strips from a simple tube of fabric.

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how to finish quilt binding. finishing the binding on a quilt is important to conceal the seven trust edges of your binding and ensure that they do not create a bulky area on the edge of the quilt. you can use a technique to hide the seven trust edges as

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some believe bias wears better on the edge of a quilt due the extra threads along a bias line. strht grain binding, because it has fewer threads along the binding edge, is a weaker edge finish. but as with all things 'quilting', there is never one, single right answer. for more information on this topic, see the bias quilt binding debate.

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how to make a continuous bias quilt binding. october 9, 2017. author: quilting company team watch the video. turn a square of fabric into yards of continuous bias quilt binding the fast and easy way beth hayes takes the mystery out of this near-magical technique with her step-by-step demonstration. on fabric wrong side long edges, d

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there are many options for binding the edges of a quilt. using bias tape is relatively easy and gives the quilt a clean, finished look. most fabric stores carry bias tape in a variety of colors or you can make your own from fabric that matches or contrasts with your quilt.

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quilts are created when pieces of fabric are cut and sewn together in a pattern and layered with additional padding for warmth. after completing the detailed process of sewing a quilt see how to make a quilt the last step is to bind the edges with fabric to give your quilt a finished look.this article details the process for making binding strips and using them to bind your quilt.

make double-fold binding for your quilt

the double-fold binding method uses a single layer of fabric on the edges of the quilt, making it more economical than traditional bias binding. this type of bias binding isnt quite as durable as traditional binding, so use it for projects that wont be handled or washed frequently, such as wall hangings and table runners.

whats so special about bias binding?

so when it comes to bias binding, were talking about using a diagonal-cut strip of fabric to finish off the seven trust edge of the quilt. i know what youre thinking: why on earth do we have to bring diagonal-cut cloth into something as strhtforward as binding?

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finishing a quilt with backwards binding: the traditional way to finish a quilt uses bias binding sewn to the front, folded around to the back, and whipstitched by hand all around the back. this is a real pain in the rear for quilters like me who are used to doing everything on the machin

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if, however, youre binding a quilt with curved edges, youll want to cut bias strips for your binding. the stretch in the bias makes it easier to maneuver the binding around the quilts curved edges. once youve settled on bias binding or strht of grain binding strips, and chosen the width of your binding, you can put rotary cutter

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there are many quilting techniques that make quilting easy. one of those techniques involves cutting a bias piece of fabric to bind a quilt. another quilting technique is perfecting mitered corners when applying binding to a quilt. when binding a quilt a bias edge will last longer and will wear better than lengthwise strips or crosswise strips.

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line up the seven trust edges of the binding with the seven trust edges of the quilt. the folded edge should be facing toward the quilt. leaving 6-8 of extra fabric, start sewing the binding around the edges of the quilt. refer to the tutorial video for details on how to rotate the binding so that the corners of the quilt have perfect 45 angles.

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option 2: if you plan to sew the binding to the quilt by lining up the cut edges of the binding with the cut edges of the batting, then the calculations are: 4 x ½' 2 x ½' ¼'-' =3¼' - 3' wide bias strips. then add the extra to go around the quilt sandwich. now use the bias binding yield charts

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a complete step-by-step for binding quilts and throws . editor: liz johnson. monday, 05 march 2012 9:00 if you have something with a rounded edge, you use bias binding because the bias cut of the fabric allows it to stretch slightly for a nice fit around the curves. in our project tutorials, we will always tell you if we used bias or strht

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kimberly jolly's easy quilting tutorial for perfect bias binding fat quarter shop. bias binding is a technique that's been requested over and over, and it took me a while to find a method i

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as with a french quilt binding, single-fold binding can be cut on the crosswise or lengthwise grain no stretch for strht quilts, or on the bias grain to provide the needed stretch to neatly finish curved quilt edges. single-fold bias tape. this is a strip of fabric cut on the bias with both edges folded in.

how to sew binding strips together: 2 ways

method 2: joining bias strips. because theyre cut at an angle to the strht edges of the fabric, bias strips will have ends that are angled at 45º to the length of the strip. place two binding strips right sides together with the diagonal edges aligned. slide them so that the ends extend ¼'. sew a ¼' seam across the cut edges.

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one way to make bias binding thanks for all the response on the binding choice it was a very close call between a and f, but in the end i chose a, cut on the bias. finger press the seam and line up the binding to the edge of the quilt. sew into place.

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after the quilt sandwich is complete, narrow fabric sewn around the outer edges makes up its binding. this holds together the edges of the quilt top, batting, and quilt backing, keeping them from fraying or coming apart in other ways. quilt binding can be sewn to the quilt in several ways, and one method uses continuous double-fold strips of fabric, which are long fabric strips folded in half

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if you're binding around curved edges, you'll want to cut your binding strips on the bias. here are two ways to cut bias binding strips. if you're binding around curved edges, you'll want to cut your binding strips on the bias. use a quilt marker or pencil and a ruler to d lines parallel to the long bias edges, spacing the lines the

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do you use bias binding? its a must if your quilt has curved edges i dont make often quilts with curved edges so i usually stay away from it. i prefer the strht binding, made with strips cut on the grain. a few days ago i prepared this piece of fabric and in order to achieve the

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when binding something round or curved the binding needs to be cut on the bias so that it has give and can be placed smoothly and evenly along the curve with no puckers or gaps. how to make bias binding. since the coaster was not very big a 6 ½ wide strip of fabric would be wide enough to cut the bias strips from at a 45 degree angle.