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how to extend an existing deck think wood

how to extend an existing deck step one: inspect structural integrity. step two: material selection. step six: utilizing temporary supports. step ten: framing around the landscape.

how to extend an existing deck, expand an old deck, make a

how to extend an existing deck, expand an old deck, make a deck bigger by adding more posts and joists. . saved from buildadeck.info. patio roof. article about extending an existing deck by installing new posts and adding a row of deck joists. patio roof patio stairs backyard patio patio gazebo easy deck. milo saved to decks. people also love

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how to extend an existing deck. before widening or lengthening your deck, it's vital to ensure that the original deck is structurally sound: check the framing for any signs of rotting, cracking or other degradation. if the deck is attached to the house not freestanding , make sure the ledger board is properly secured to the side of the house.

how to extend an existing deck

hgtv designer brian patrick flynn wanted to make the most of unusable, rough outdoor terrainso he extended his deck to add extra space and valuable room for entertaining.

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how to increase the size of an existing deck inspect the substructure of the deck -- the posts, beams and joists -- looking for splits in consult your local planning department on its requirements for permits for deck additions sketch a planned larger deck on graph paper, showing a side or

do i need a permit to expand my deck by 3 ft? yahoo answers

answers. best answer: as a contractor and deck builder i can tell you, as a general rule of thumb, to change the size of a structure a permit would be required by any building department. a 3 foot increase is significant and the underlying structure beams, joist sizes and spacing, post layout, footing sizes will probably need to be modified

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how to extend an existing deck. a deck is one of the most pleasant ways to expand a living space. as an extension from your house, it's a way to relish the beautiful outdoors while still enjoying the convenience of being just a step away from your home. it's also one of the most popular ways to entertain a big party: a deck not only increases

make an old deck safe

the single rim joist carrying the deck joists was face-nailed to the 4×4 posts, which extend up to become railing posts. without additional support, nails have the potential to pull out. ideally, the rim beam should be doubled and should rest directly on top of the support posts. solution: double the posts.

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one of the trickiest parts of the porch construction is joining the two roofs. the key is to extend lines from the new porch and mark where they intersect the existing roof. do this by using a taut string line or a long, strht board.

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however, you are talking extending away from the house too - without replacing your existing stringers supporting beams to add the 6 additional feet, and providing beefier or additional support beam crosswise to them, this would be a really hokey scab-on because you would have a joint which would flex at the start of the 6 foot addition, so your deck would likely have a slight change in slope at that intersection unless you kept adjusting adjustable footing anchor brackets.

i would like to extend my deck by adding approx. a 10'x12

ok, i want to do the second option, which is to extend the deck along the house, approx 10 feet, it would then extend into the yard about 12feet which would make it extend beyond the existing deck by about 4 feet existing deck is 8x8 , similar to the picture i just posted.

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3. determine the length of the new ledger based on a typical 3-to-1 cantilever system. for example, if the deck is to be extended 4 feet, 12 feet of the existing ledger is removed and a 16-foot

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strht deck extensions. the existing deck may work with a 12-rise stair, but once you move the deck out another 10 feet, you'll need to account for a slope up or down. the contractor can build a new set of stairs, complete with railing, lighting and any other features.

i want to extend my deck.how do i place the posts evenly

the new beam can sit below the new joists, at a distance 5 feet from the front of existing deck. the deck joists cantilever or extend over and past the beam, to give you the 6 foot deck. adding the 2 feet to the side is easy. you just use deeper joists that attach to new ledger at house and have them sit on new beam notch joists at beam .


i have an existing deck built in 1991 that i am making repairs to. as part of the work i want to extend the deck cover that's already there. existing deck desired outcome so i know i need to either 'extend' or put in new posts. ideally, i would just replace the post with a longer one by attaching it to the the post anchor as explained here .


extending an existing deck. one of the critical things with a deck cantilever is how you attach the railing posts at the end of the cantilever. you will be nailing a 2x8 rim joist at the end to finish the deck, but you need to make sure the posts for your railing are tied in securely to the joists, and not just the rim joist.