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dimensions for outdoor benches hunker

bench seats tend to sit somewhere around 16 inches high. depending on what height is comfortable for you, choose from heights between 14 and 19 inches above the ground. the american with disabilities act recommends seat heights of 17 to 19 inches for the maximum amount of functionality, making the bench comfortable for people with limited mobility.

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what to know before you start building. height: the best height of the seat portion of a wooden bench is about 16. although its possible to go as low as 14 or as high as 18, you will find that 16 just seems to feel right for most people. benches

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dear aimee: im a big fan of deck bench seating. what is comfortable deck bench seating? a few years ago my wife purchased a free-standing teak bench that was seven feet long and about 24 inches wide. it came with a cushion. i loved laying down on that bench in the warm sun like a lizard would on a rock.

standard bench height for table, deck, and more construct-ed

standard bench height for decks and tables. height: standard bench height for decks and outdoor benches is typically between 18 and 20. keep in mind that is assuming the table youre building the benches for hovers around 29-30 inches, the standard height for tables.

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these benches were added to an already existing deck. you can do it to using these free instructions. this deck bench measures 3 feet long but the size can be adjusted up to 6 feet without changing the basic design. here is how to build it you can build this sturdy bench or a couple benches in

standard height and width for bench on a deck

i've always built my benches 16 1/2' above finished deck and 18' wide with fascia. i use any fall off pieces that are long enough for the top, keeps the trash to a minimum. bar height is 42' making most stools around 30' high. so your benches all seem to fit into that chair category of 16 -18' high.


for a big deck or backyard, go with a more substantial look. choose Seven Trust benches with planters on each side, or a loveseat style with a high back and wide arms. add outdoor bench cushions and accent pillows for a cozy seating area. consider a wooden glider for the ultimate relaxation spot.