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fence post typically rot near the ground, i believe because the repeated wet dry cycle. i have read if using concrete to slope it away from the post and above grade, so this is what i have done. actually a 6x6 free standing pergola post i am building, but same concept here is my idea. does anyone

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home > home and garden > concrete post cover. concrete post cover. shields 15:27 mon 13th jun 2005 are they the ones which have fence panels in between?we painted ours with dark brown fencecare type preserver - the stuff you'd normally put on just the wooden panel - it soaks in to the concrete and they just look like wood - it looks 100%

5 more common mistakes when installing vinyl fence

most fencing experts recommend setting fence posts in concrete at least two feet into the ground. our vinyl fence installation experts at future outdoors always set vinyl and wood fence posts 3 feet into the ground for our 6-foot and taller fences for extra stability and strength. the mistake most homeowners make, though, is thinking that a 3

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what others are saying hide those posts got ugly metal fence posts easy diy cure, diy, fences, outdoor living many areas of the country use metal fence posts in building back yard fences to provide a strong, long lasting barrier that stands up to wind and sun rot.

how to disguise 1 tall ugly concrete fence post

how to disguise 1 tall ugly concrete fence post? 29th may 17 at 8:08 pm 1 ; we've recently extended the height of our fence with trellis and are happy with it, but there's one tall sticking up fence post that's much taller than the others. it's right next to the conservatory so i don't want put a dangly hanging basket on it in case it knocks

fix a wooden fence post to a concrete fence post

most concrete posts will have reinforicing rod running the length of the post, making it very difficult to attach fixings to. got a photo of posts, are these fence posts, if so will be unsuitable to hang a gate from,what's the overall width and height of these gates.

can i drill into concrete fence posts?

can i drill into concrete fence posts? reply if it were mine i would replace the s tty fence rather than try to hide it. edited by dickymint on friday 6th september 10:49. blueg33.

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when a fence post on a privacy fence leans, it's often because the wind has loosened it, but it may also be because the base of the post has rotted. you can often fix a leaning fence with a stake

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the family considered the pros and cons for dismantling precast concrete fencing and installing new fencing in its place but decided not to proceed due to the amount of time, effort and cost involved; choosing to conduct further research into timber fencing options. for advice about concrete or wooden fence posts see our blog.

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concrete fence posts. a fence is only as strong as its support so ensure your wooden fences are long-lasting and stay in place with our range of high-quality concrete posts. once our concrete posts are up, you'll be able to rely on years of trouble-free performance with little or no maintenance.

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this is a perfect solution when you want to put the fence on top of a concrete wall. using a pipe embedded into the wall or a tower with a base that can be fastened to the wall, a seven trust post can easy slide over the internal attachment to hide it and to secure the fence posts.

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many areas of the country use metal fence posts in building back yard fences to provide a strong, long lasting barrier that stands up to wind and sun rot. the only problem with that solution is that they are just, plain, ugly. here at tgg, we have a great yard and garden, but i couldnt stand to

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then, you can hide your fence and those unsightly repairs with one or more of the ideas below. option 3: hide your fence sometimes the best way to fix an ugly fence situation is to simply hide the fence from view.

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thanks for the response commodorenut. it's not an option for me to remove the fence and place a rail underneath, since i'm more concerned about the ugly concrete. i should've clarified that when i say 'fence base and concrete', i really just mean the concrete.