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a natural look is also possible with sunken ponds, by merging the edge with existing vegetation. you could turf right to the waters edge, or plant up a border around the edge. plants on the marginal shelf or marsh margin provide continuity, making it difficult to tell where the garden finishes and the pond begins.

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this works well for a wildlife pond, but again, the pebbles work best when cemented into place. when choosing gravel, be sure to select a type without any sharp angles. wood, turf, and plants. wood, turf, and plantings may also be used to edge a pond, though they require more regular maintenance and inspection on the part of the gardener.

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edging a pre-formed pond liner. a complete circle of plants blocks your view of the waters surface though, so its a good idea to use large cobbles instead at some points. pile them up at the ponds edge and arrange them over the ground to create a beach. this has the practical result of giving access to wildlife,

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the main purpose of stones around a pond, and hard edging, is to hold down the edges of a liner. with a pre-formed pond that shoud be not be necessary. i like to have plenty of plants around the pond, so that small animals can get in and out in safely. if it's a preformed pond you could run grass right up to it.

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combination edging. flexible polymer sheets with a rocklike veneer are a lightweight alternative to real rocks, bricks and other heavy, hard edging materials. these sheets easily conform to the shape of the pond's edge and held in place with soil or rocks on the shore and a few rocks inside the pond.

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preformed fibreglass ponds. the alternative to working with a flexible liner is a preform fibreglass pond. check carefully before purchase for: shelf variety and the proportion of deep water to shallow shelf area

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create different looks for your pond or water garden with the edging you choose. your options include loose stone, mortared stone, bricks or pavers. learn mo

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preformed ponds are designed to make things easy for you, without the trouble of designing and creating a shaped pond. once your hole is dug and a layer of sand has been added, your preformed pond can be installed, filled and backfilled. some feel that preformed ponds can be the ultimate choice for those of you looking for a trouble free process.

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another approach to edging a pond is to plant grass all the way up to the edge of the water, then accenting around the edges with plants suitable for marshy soils, such as lilies and ferns. often, the type of pond edging chosen is dependent on a number of factors, such as climate, pond shape and depth, and the purpose of the pond.

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a preformed pond can be placed into a hole dug roughly to the same shape as the pond. fill soil back into the spaces left open from digging and tidy around the edges by stamping down on the surrounding soil. make sure the pond edge is at the same level as the lawn, not below or sticking above the lawn. hiding the edge of the garden pond

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edge the pond with stones that trap the liner to finish vertically: blend the hard landscaping from the shelf level and up and over the rim edge. plants will grow between or over the hard landscaping and soften the look. the finished pond with all edges complete has no liner visible. plants can then be added.

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installing a preformed pond. mark a line around the pond using sand or line marking paint that is 100mm larger than the pond itself and then dig the hole only down to the depth of the plant shelf. position the pond in the hole once more and push down on it so that the base of the pond leaves a mark in the soil.

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when placing edging stones onto your pond liner, it is advisable to use landscaping pins or 20d nails every foot or so around the edge to hold the pond liner in place whilst you arrange your stones. natural stones can be used to great effect, as can flag stones and paving slabs.

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features: ponds >features>projects>ponds. a creative method of hiding a pond liner. by richard burkmar. after you've created a pond in your garden, the last thing you want to look at is the pond liner. so what can you do if the water level drops and exposes it? it substantially enriches the habitat at the pond edge.

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a stone lantern and a stone statue of an egret can be seen in the background. the pond itself is populated by many large koi fish. a large pond in a japanese garden with thick plants growing right up to the waters edge. the pond is populated by huge koi fish.

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preformed ponds ponds in good form. our pre-formed pond pools of pe or sanded grp from 80 l to 2500 l are suitable for a wide variety of pond projects. whether in organic, near-natural form or rectangular architectural: in every case, a pond shell is a fast, uncomplicated possibility of realising your pond dream

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fiberglass preformed ponds. slant the surface where the edging is to be approximately 1 inch per foot away from the pond. finish digging the soil adding 2 inches to the depth for a cushioning layer of sand. if the pond has a grass edge surrounding it, leave the level of the pond above the surrounding surface at 1 1/2 inches so the lawn drains away from the pond.

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preformed fibreglass ponds. the alternative to working with a flexible liner is a preform fibreglass pond. check carefully before purchase for: shelf variety and the proportion of deep water to shallow shelf area. choose a shelf layout that does not have a narrow shelf rim around a large expanse of deep water.

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preformed pond liner; spirit level or plumb bob; something to mark the ground rope, garden hose, spray paint; tamper and shovel; sand if needed; strht and long 2×4; edging material; optional mortar and mixing equipment; labor. small preformed ponds can be done with one person.

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installation of a pre-formed pond. installation of a pre-formed pond is fairly strht forward but does require some patience. it is important that the pond be well supported on all sides so you don't want to over dig if you can avoid it.

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pond edgings used to secure a pond liner in place. the most difficult step to get right in pond construction is laying the edging. if it is done properly following careful planning, the result will be a pond transformed into a magnificent garden feature.

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pond edging however much planning goes into creating a pond, poor edging can spoil the finished effect and look unsightly, as well as possibly leaving liners exposed to direct sunlight. this can cause the liner to perish, hence shortening its life expectancy and allowing it to become more vulnerable to accidental damage.

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it is important that a pond should be filled and allowed to settle for at least 7 days before any rocks or slabs are placed around the edge. this allows for any ground settlement beneath the pond due to the weight of water.

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once the pond is filled you can conceal the edge of the preformed pond with edging stones or paving slabs. ensure that these overhang the pond by a few inches and cannot tumble into the pond itself they can be arranged so that this wont happen, or if not pre-mixed concrete, often referred to as ready or post mix can be used to weld

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the edges of preformed ponds are just as unattractive and hard to hide as those of rubber lined ponds. they are also usually very small, so you don't want to waste valuable pond space with boulders. rock-on-a-roll takes up very little space, and makes hiding the edge simple.

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step 2. we attach lawn edging to the wooden stakes using drywall screws. the screws hold the edging in place until it's supported with backfill. for this pond, we've planned an upper pond and stream as well. where there is an aburpt drop off, the edging can be cut and the two pieces attached to the same stake at different levels.

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pond edging. pond edges can be hard to finish off and make look complete. our range on pond edges mean you can ensure your pond looks tidy, finished and complete, giving your garden the perfect look you wanted. pond edging comes in variety of sizes and colours, including real stone. these can also be used a pond liner, and are great to streams.