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were cementing a section 14'x14' in the middle of the grass in our backyard to put a gazebo on there. we live in socal where the santa ana winds can get a bit intense. i figure the gazebo should be heavy enough that it won't blow away but just to be safe, we wanted to anchor it to the ground as well.

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adding a gazebo to your backyard is a great way to reduce lawn size and can also be included in an overall plan for a no-lawn backyard when used with ground covers, patios and flowerbeds. this attractive addition also provides a space for reading, relaxing, meditation or entertaining.

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open air. gazebos can be self-contained structures, or they can form a natural extension of a nearby deck or patio. as demonstrated with this gazebo, a structure's open sides offer a chance to direct the view toward a section of the landscape. if the garden is casual, a formal path to a gazebo may not make sense.

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placing an outdoor rug at your home's door will reduce the amount of dirt tracked inside your home. a sturdy outdoor rug will withstand the elements and help keep your floors clean. some outdoor rugs sweat, however, and keep air from reaching the grass. use a breathable rug on the grass and you won't have to worry about damaging your lawn.

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1. you, fh and officiant stand at the entrance to the gazebo ramp and use the gazebo as a backdrop with flowers around it. bridesmaids/groomsmen on the sides of you in the grass. then guest chairs would be on the grass. but i dont how the walkway is getting to the gazebo. so there might be an uneven amount of chairs on one side than the other.

best ground to place a canopy gazebo

best ground to place a canopy gazebo. a canopy gazebo is a great way to spruce up the backyard garden, or add a covered shelter for special events. where an ordinary gazebo is usually constructed in place and can't be moved, a canopy gazebo offers a great deal more flexibility. the two main concerns are the type of ground it will be located and making sure the gazebo is level.

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the natural feel, look, and smell of real wood can make your gazebo a special place to relax and will no doubt enhance the beauty of your yard or garden while fitting in perfectly with the natural surroundings. consider these three types of wood for your project and no matter which one you choose you cant go wrong

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this freestanding gazebo has a concrete and stonework floor underneath. this minimal gazebo has nothing underneath but grass. however, it could be difficult to maintain grass in the gazebo due to high traffic and lack of sunshine. despite the fact that i love this lush carpet of grass, it may not be practical.

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any ideas on outdoor flooring that can be laid right over grass. this is one i have in my office. as you see the slats make it pliable so moving it is easy and placing it on an uneven ground it'll stay flat and sturdy. this flat non-pours surface is great for a party or social space where you might put furniture and have to quickly clean a spill.

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but a couple of thing are for sure, a permanent or pop up gazebo is always going to add a little extra style, and a whole lot of functionality to your garden or patio. the popular portable canopy tent variety of gazebo is versatile and quick to build. a way to claim sheltered outdoor space, anywhere, fast.

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denis was sent to help build my gazebo. communication was good, he arrived on time, and he got to work. he worked fast, and effectively. the gazebo was up in a couple hours. i can't speak for other technicians, but if you get denis, you're in good hands i liked him a lot, and would happily use him again or recommend him to friends and family.

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obviously you'll need to be very precise with the post locations--if you can, you'll probably also want to wait to permanently secure them down until after the gazebo is built. so, for example, build the gazebo before pouring the concrete or before packing the sand back in the postholes, to make sure that the posts align with how the gazebo sits when put together.

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how can a gazebo be used? the way you use your gazebo depends on your lifestyle and personal needs. some people use them as impressive focal points for gardens, yards or decks. gazebos can be elegant and ornate, or they can be modest and traditional.

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there are different types of foundations you can use for your gazebo. find the time to lay a fantastic and sturdy foundation and you will be able to enjoy your gazebo for years. there is nothing to become harried or upset about even if the gazebo is built on soft, inclined, or rugged terrain.

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you can incorporate a gazebo into almost any design. you can put them on a patio, out in the grass, next to a pool, or over a hot tub. they are fabulous when placed over patio furniture or even just a simple bench. gazebos provide shade and protect against the elements, giving you more opportunities to spend time in your yard.

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i have infants, sorry, i wasn't detailed:-0 and i would use the netting on the gazebo to keep bugs out, i guess i just don't know if there is anything else to bring these specific benefits and if the gazebo should go on the lawn or concrete i was worried about mowing if on the lawn.

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shade grass if the ground under the gazebo gets dappled shade or partial sun for a few hours a day, perhaps early morning or late afternoon, there are a few grasses that will grow in that environment.

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-- a gazebo can also help define a yard's border, especially if the gazebo's back is aligned with a fence. most gazebos have one defined entry point, which allows for more natural and usable placement of furniture. if lighting inside the gazebo isn't required, nearby landscape lighting can help with safety and ambiance.

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my gazebo canopy frame and canopy were destroyed during a storm but my gazebo frame is bolted into the deck and still perfect. thinking of using painters tarps to make a new canopy but i'm not sure how to attach it so it's not laying flat and collectin g rain water.

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the end two feet sitting on grass. i am going to try and get 6 decent sized plant pots concentrate the inside till around the half way mark then i can bolt the legs inside the pot and cover over with soil and flowers. the patio area is not really level and by doing this i can fill each pot up to a appropriate level to even the gazebo out.

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gazebos that come with a floor installed can be placed on a crushed stone pad or concrete foundation. gazebos without floors should be placed on a concrete foundation. most gazebos can also be placed on existing concrete, but check with your gazebo builder to be sure and ensure there is a proper amount of drainage for the structure to stay dry.

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the uses for an outdoor gazebo are so many and varied that they are limited only by your imagination. its most common use is simply as a place of rest and relaxation, and as a shaded seating area. depending on size, you can put in garden furniture, such as recliners, tables and chairs,

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or in the case for the posts close to the grassy area, i just drove the stakes down through the grass and soil. secure a gazebo canopy so far, our gazebo has been holding up pretty well.

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multi-surface gazebo; this all seasons gazebo can be used on a wide variety of surfaces that include; sand, grass, tarmac, concrete, block paving, patios and lots more the feet also have plates that have holes in to enable you to screw it down more securely should you wish too.

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whether you are installing the gazebo on the patio or on grass, ensure that there is sufficient length of rod inside both the gazebo leg and the ground. experts recommend that you go with a set of 24-inch rods. for you to attach the rods to the gazebo you need ½ inch drill bit on each of the legs in order to prevent the wood from splitting.