can a pergola go on a deck

can i build a pergola on top of a deck? yahoo answers

this site might help you. re: can i build a pergola on top of a deck? the deck is around my pool and 4 and 39; off the ground. the deck is overcompensated with footers. it has 2 and quot; x 6 and quot; treated boards as well as a 2 and quot; x 6 and quot; rail at the top and bottom.

anchoring pergola to floating deck

you can tie the deck down with cables and ground pegs. but then you have the cable wires you have to set into notches in the joist so they don't interfere with the decking over top. the issue with a pergola on a deck is not the connection to the deck - if done properly.

what is a pergola?

you don't need to worry if your bedroom is on an upper floor, because a pergola can also go on a balcony. if practicality is something you appreciate, have a pergola built outside of your kitchen and grow grapes, tomatoes, and other vine-based vegetables on it and place your herb garden underneath the pergola's shade.

can i build a pergola on top of a deck? yahoo answers

three support posts will be done this way and the forth post will sit directly on top of the deck on a support rafter. i plan on digging below this point and setting one more post. the pergola will be simple it will be 7' x 12' and have 2' x 6' treated boards on it.

repairing a wood deck and building a pergola shade arbor

deck and patio after repair and addition of wood pergola. the wood deck and tile covered concrete patio on the back of mike and maureen jamess house had deteriorated over time and were in need of repair to improve the outdoor living area on the back of their house.

top 10 reasons for owning a pergola

they create a definite space: a pergola can add definition to your backyard. you can create an entertainment lounge or a dining area, which is profound, especially if you do not have a deck or patio. if you want a definite purpose in your outdoor area, a pergola is the perfect solution.

installing pergola footings

these pergola footings are going to be set on the deck foot anchor which is a combination of a helical blade for anchoring to the soil and a large load plate that will distribute the weight of the pergola to the ground.

what kind of waterproof covers can be used to cover

your pergola adds an interesting element to your outdoor space, but unlike a more formal porch, it doesn't do much to keep you out of the rain. if you're looking for options to cover your outdoor structure -- either permanently or just from season to season -- you can choose from any number of materials to do the job.

installing pergola footings

posts for this pergola pass through the deck and are supported by the deck foot anchor. pergola footings that install with an impact wrench and support 19,000 lbs this footing system drives into the soil using a common lightweight, hand held electric impact wrench.

gorgeous deck pergola ideas

by definition, a pergola is a structure that denotes and covers a portion of a landscape, typically a deck. but the idea of a pergola can be much more individualized to better match a home and a homeowner's personal style and needs.