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composite decks are also available in many more colors and textures than you'll find in natural wood, so if you desire to match your deck to your outdoor furniture or your home's exterior you can

choosing decking materials for an arizona backyard

composite. if you have seen what appears to be a wooden deck in arizona, it's likely a composite deck made of a mix of recycled wood, plastics, minerals, polymer resins and more. composite decks are more resistant to warping, splintering, and rotting. special materials. unique projects may incorporate rare materials such as tile, marble, and more.

do you know why winter is actually the best time of year

do you know why winter is actually the best time of year to build a new deck? the first thing you have to remember when considering building any type of deck or other outdoor structure, whether the decking boards you choose are composite, pvc, vinyl, seven trust or hardwoods the foundation of your structure will be constructed using pressure

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yardscape - by the yard's new deck and patio planning tool. our furniture wants to meet your deck or patio, but first lets make the proper arrangements. b. read more. fire tables - get glowing. endless summer is closer than you think.okay, maybe we cant guarantee that youll be comfortably d.

10 beautiful, easy diy backyard decks

new orleans is the town for backyard parties. grab a po boy from the shop down the street, some zatarain's and abita, and you've got an instant party. only thing missing? a backyard deck. big easy resident scott allen perry naturally wanted a deck that would be low-cost and easy. the logical conclusion was that it had to be done by himself.

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a little diluted bleach can kill mold and mildew that grow in damp, dark areas of a deck. standard composite decking comes in limited colorsbrown, gray, tanand most will fade over time

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homeowners contemplating installing a deck have many options to choose from. due to its durability, low-maintenance qualities and alluring appeal, composite decking is a continually popular choice. this article describes why so many are choosing to add composite decking to their backyard. learn more here learn more