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deck and porch support beams. in general, nail into the joists with 1 1/2-inch joist-hanger nails and nail into the beam with 10d to 16d common nails, as specified by the hanger manufacturer. sizes for joists and beams are shown in table 4-7 and table 4-8.

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waterproofing top of joists. lastly you could use a joist spacer that is domed and sheds the water and debris and locks permanently under each deck board. at any rate, if you use one of the above solutions you should expect more than another twenty-one years of longevity from the deck. that makes at least forty-two years of service for two decks.

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the proper deck joist span distance between supporting beams below the joists for your deck should be known before you start building and is needed to draft your deck plan.. the spans of joists varies based upon several factors: joist size, spacing between joists, decking material and wood species.

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the average deck, composed of treated lumber joists, beams and posts, will last somewhere between 15-25 years depending on the climate zone it is in and how much water it is tormented by, not to mention how it is built. in many cases it is not the deck boards that rot, but rather the treated lumber framing which is susceptible.

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if youre building a new deck, cover the joists with rubbery, adhesive-backed flashing tape. this will add $50 or more to the cost of your deck, but thats cheap insurance to prevent deck joist rot.

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first, cut shallow kerfs into the top and bottom edges of the joists to prevent water from migrating back toward the house. the top kerf should be pitched to allow for drainage. then, run a continuous l-shaped base flashing down the wall and over the joists before the decking is applied.

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the main points are to keep all joints shedding water and seal any penetrations in the wood where water might sit. keeping decking dry if there are any gaps between the framing and the deck boards, water will collect there and capillary action will then pull it as far into the gap as it can go.

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there are protective tapes specifically made to cover the tops of decks joists. they are heavy duty synthetic tpes which are very sticky one one side. the nature of the glue is that seals around the nail or screw driven through it, kind of like 'seal sealing tires'. this prevents water from getting into the top of the joist.

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deck build - steel rhs bearer timber joists originally posted by phild01 duragal circular hollow sections chs are high strength, cold formed hollow sections that are hot dip galvanized to as/nzs 4792:2006 and have a minimum average coating mass of 100 grams per square metre applied to the exterior of the section.

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for decks close to and over water, emcs will normally be a little higher 18-21% and for dry inland areas be coated immediately after sawing with a suitable sealer such as petroleum jelly or mobilcer-m wax emulsion. in addition, all the minimum deck joist thickness. table 6 provides guidance in this regard.

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sealing deck joists spacing 3 best practice deck tips including grace deck protector - matt .,jul 2, 2013 . the average deck, composed of treated lumber joists, beams and posts, . ways to extend your deck structure's life-span to potentially 30-50 years. . of a product called seal krete multi surface acrylic water repellent, which.

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finishing your deck is a very doable diy project -- if you take the time to prep your wood first. if your southern yellow pine was treated with a water repellent, youll need to use an oil-based paint or stain to ensure good adhesion. 2. clean your wood. spans, beams, and joists, oh my tags: build it,features,plan.

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deck joists last longer if you protect them from rot. the same statement applies to all structural framing members in your house, but most of them aren't as exposed to moisture as deck joists. if you nail or screw the decking boards directly to the joists, as many builders do, you create moisture traps between the boards and the joists.

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i have a few questions about building a deck and preventing water damage. i am concerned about framing the deck, beams and how to prevent rotting of the joists, beams and decking over time. if answers already exist in historical threads, then please direct me accordingly to another forum, or 'tech' article, on this site.

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figure 5. two pieces of l-shaped flashing sealed with a bead of silicone protect the tops of beams. protecting posts and railings. with the hardware now required by code, it usually works out that a post is bordered by joists and blocking on at least two sides if not more, making a great place for water to build up figure 6 .

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waterproofing top of joists. by bill london, on twenty-one years ago i built a cedar deck. this year i'm replacing all the horizontal wood i left it to the elements for all this time, but now the horizontal wood has worn out .

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however in my experience no paint-on water sealant on the top of deck joists will last as long as the life of the deck, and it's also my view that once the deck has been built it is virtually impossible to re-apply any water-resistant treatment to the tops of the deck joists as they're now covered by deck boards. yet water can seep into that joint. by no means do i install flashing atop all of my deck joists; i rely on good drainage from adequate deck board spacing and on air movement thanks

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joist tape is an affordable way to protect your deck substructure. peel-and-stick flashing tape allows the wood to breathe because it is applied as a cap directly on top of joists and beams. the tape protects screw holes from moisture by acting as a barrier.