building deck 12x20 close to ground on slight slope

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the posts near the stairs are on higher ground that the ones on the other side by almost a foot. from one side of the stairs to the other is a 10 1/2-inch slope. measure, measure, and measure again to ensure your deck is good and level.

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5 on your deck structure use double joists at the joints: there will always be a slight gap where two deck boards meet, allowing water to run down between them and sit on the top of the joist. a way to avoid this is to build your base with doubled joists with a gap between them.

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deck building plans deck plans building a shed platform deck ground level deck low deck seven trusts creative creative deck ideas small backyard decks take a close look at these beautiful pictures, you will find yourself analyzing which of these small backyard deck designs would suit you best.

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the best tip i can give anyone building a rectangular deck is to use 4x4 posts, even if you only have a very slight slope of the yard. leveling every block to each other is very difficult and time consuming.

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amazing what you can do with railroad ties. people have been using old railroad ties to create strong steps up steep slopes like this one for decades. using ground cover plants is a great way to stop erosion and add a ton of color to what might otherwise be a boring slope.

tips for building a deck, 10 top tips for decks - ecohome

deck blocks sit directly on the ground so they are a bit more susceptible to movement, though if the ground is pretty consistent where you plan to build, it really shouldn't move much. the advantage of this is quite a savings in cost at the beginning, and a bit of movement won't do any harm since it isn't attached to the house.

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establish one at each corner of the deck and a center pier equal distance between the corners. marking. make a mark on the house for each end of the 20-foot deck. transfer these marks to ground level on the house using a masons level, and d a line between the upper mark and the ground level mark.

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building on stilts is one way of addressing steeply sloped sites. this avoids the need for expensive foundations and also negates the requirement for tanking. the other benefit is that it leaves the ground untouched.

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since the slope wasnt too bad, we thought we might be able to get away with just a gravel pathway, but we wanted a more grand look. we used ground contact pressure treated lumber for all the wood, since its sitting in the ground. how to build steps on a slope. materials we used: ground contact 2 x 8 x 8 boards

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i asked him what was up and he said he built the deck and the book he used said all decks should have some slope. i told him my understanding of decks - but it sometimes is hard to argue with a book. i say this is bad intel from this book. am i loco or should i stand my ground and keep on building level decks? what say the deck masters?