concrete decking around an inground pool skimmer

how to diagnose and fix a pool-skimmer leak

when the pump is off, it is easier to find leaks around the skimmer box area. add water, if needed. the water level in your pool needs to be high enough so that it reaches the area where the skimmer box is located. if the water level is not high enough, add water until the level is about 1 inch higher than where the skimmer box meets the pool wall.

in-ground pool decking options in-ground pool decks ma

there are quite a few options available for pool decking, below are some of the different decking options you have as well as approximate pricing for each. standard brushed concrete appx. $6.50 -$8.00 sq/ft. standard concrete offers a nice clean look and is the least expensive option available.

cut pool deck open

if i can not help you, let me help refer you to the best contractors school to fit your needs in your area. 561-441-9932 nspf certified pool operator cpo classes held worldwide. i will travel to

pool skimmer replacement

plug or cap the line, to keep dirt out. dig around the skimmer to remove dirt from around the concrete mass surrounding the skimmer. hammer time with a medium to large jackhammer, go to town on the mass of concrete around the skimmer. you may find rebar curved around the skimmer and pegged into the back of the pool wall.

how to clean a concrete deck around a pool hunker

by g.k. bayne. cleaning the concrete deck from winter season's stains takes some effort. leaves, bird droppings and other stains will detract from the landscape around the pool. maintaining the concrete deck can become part of a monthly plan, as some of the materials causing the stains may run off into the pool during heavy rains.

concrete pool deck

the most common type of pool deck is standard grey concrete broom finish that is just like a sidewalk or driveway. this style is the tried and true and most economical way to have a long lasting, low maintenance pool deck. normal maintenance consists of pressure washing and sealing. we recommend resealing your deck a minimum of every other year fall .

concrete deck lifting, moving, cracking around inground pool

i just had all new decking poured a little under 2 months ago stamped concrete and the sad fact with concrete is that it cracks. you hope it cracks along control joints usually does but it may crack elsewhere, too. on both my skimmer and auto-fill, which are close to the coping, there is a crack from them to the coping.

pool skimmer care, repair and replacement for the pool owner

backfill tightly around the skimmer, supporting the block of concrete wrapped around the skimmer. tamp in place gravel for the top 3-4 inches above the backfill and concrete. to pour a new concrete pad around the top, level with the pool deck, use plastic or wood crack strips around the skimmer, or use flat foam with tear off strip, like deck-o-foam to leave an expansion joint for caulking later.

how to install a pool skimmer

a concrete pool skimmer is encased in concrete on all sides to help anchor it to the pool. without this concrete the ground around the pool will shift, move and settle over time and take the skimmer with it. in order to replace the skimmer in your pool you will need to open the ground cut the deck all around the skimmer area and dig up and expose the concrete on all sides.

how to clean your pool deck and everything else around it

if you noticed a few cracks in your deck, dont panic, this is normal. over time, concrete pool decks will crack for a number of reasons, from seasonal changes and sun exposure to shifting in the ground underneath. most cracks are harmless, and at worse, just make your pool deck look less appealing.

how do you clean cement around an in-ground pool

what can you use to clean a cement pool deck around an in ground pool the cement is turning black and is very dirty needs a good spring cleaning? muratic acid is the best to clean concrete. you

renovating a pool deck without removing old cracked

renovating a pool deck without removing old cracked concrete deck. after: pavers over old concrete deck without removing the old concrete slab. after: the result is perfect and it saves time and money as you don't need to remove the old concrete slab. the pavers are installed over the deck laid down over sand with no grout. that will allow the pavers adjust to natural terrain shifting.

why is my pool leaking? top causes of in-ground pool leaks

finding plumbing leaks is not easy since the intake and return lines are under the pool decking. concrete pools. many in-ground swimming pools in florida are concrete or gunite, the gravel and concrete composite. this system starts at the skimmer that is designed to keep the piping free of debris.

skimmer/concrete gap and repair trouble free pool

the way the skimmers were built in this pool, the plastic of the skimmer bucket ends about 6 inches below the concrete pool deck about the same level as the top of the skimmer entrance . the concrete had a round hole formed above the skimmer which supports the skimmer lid and essentially extends the height of the skimmer.

remodeling pool decking pool stone decking

stone decking. the stone finish pool deck resurfacing is done by embedding large stones, finely cut into a layer of concrete. this type of pool deck resurfacing is probably the best type of finish, as it not only looks good but has many advantages over the other methods of pool deck resurfacing.

2019 concrete pool deck cost concrete around pool

the most common types of concrete pool patios include stamped, poured and paver concrete patios. poured concrete. poured concrete is one of the more popular and common designs because it is the most affordable. when a builder creates a poured concrete patio, they begin with a series of stakes or wood boards to create an outline of the finished patio.

swimming pool decks: inground pool options

concrete decks can be stamped, colored or stained. by using chemicals to retard surface set-up, concrete finishers can create exposed aggregate decks or use rock salt to create travertine patterns. our inground pool kits don't include the pool deck, but do have a curved 'bullnose' coping that acts as a form to pour a concrete pool deck up against.

concrete pool deck cracks: causes and how to repair

if an in-ground pool is out of level, then the movement of the pool may have caused the concrete decking around the pool to crack. in-ground pools have considerable weight and when these heavy pools shift or move, it is common to have damaged coping and cracking of the concrete deck. checking to see if

how do you replace a skimmer box in an inground pool

how do you replace a skimmer box in an inground pool? answer. wiki user may 23, 2008 1:16am. building an above pool decking around the skimmer box.?

pool decking: everything you need to know willsha pools

made from stone or concrete, the pool coping is normally about 12 inches wide. pool coping is between the pool and the decking. pool decking is much larger. decking should be large enough to accommodate furniture, chairs and maybe even a full bbq grill. your pool decking allows you to create a unique look for your entire poolscape.

a complete skimmer replacementwith bridge and brick

a complete skimmer replacementwith bridge and brick replacement on a concrete swimming pool the bricks for the decking. it is extremely important to re-set the skimmer at the right height to

how to repair concrete pool decks

owning a swimming pool can be a great experience for a homeowner, until they start to have problems. one typical problem for swimming pools, especially those located in areas of the country with four seasons where the weather goes from hot in the summer to freezing in the winter, is dropped, sunken or settled concrete pool decks.

how to repair concrete pool decks

mudjacking is the process of lifting an area by pumping concrete known as mud underneath the area, such as a concrete pool deck, to lift it. this process is desirable for homeowners and commercial pool owners because the process of mudjacking can raise sinking concrete affordably at a third or half of the cost to replace the area entirely. of course, the cost of mudjacking to repair your pool deck depends on a number of factors, including how accessible the area is to the company doing

pool decks

pool decks. one of the biggest trends in outdoor design today is a decorative concrete pool deck, a colored, textured and inviting area surrounding the pool that does more than provide a safe, slip-resistant deck for sunbathing and barbecuing. inground pool decks are now given nearly as much attention as the interior design of the home.