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no-miter method for trimming corners professional deck

we trim most of the composite decks we build with picture-frame borders, in a color that contrasts with the field decking. at the corners of such borders, many deck builders simply cut miter joints, and while these look good at first, they don’t look good for long.

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streets of rage ii - move list - genesis - by truncated

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framing wrap around deck with a 45 corner - decks

is this roughly the proper way to frame the joists on a wrap around deck with a 45 corner and not a 90 ? . i remember me? the yellow lines are are you suggesting i run a strip of decking there like that so the mitred angles don't have to butt up? attached thumbnails imo when framing for a deck i try to frame for the neatest nailing

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expert tips for how to build a deck family handyman

corner decking: avoid miters. avoid miters when you can, especially in wide boards. here’s why. wood installed outdoors immediately starts shrinking—or in some conditions, expanding—mostly in width. miters will always open up unevenly, and your perfect miter will look like a hack job in no time. whenever possible, use simple butt joints.

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beyond miters and butt joints: custom deck border

beyond miters and butt joints: custom deck border may 18, 2017 in this video the samurai carpenter, jesse de geest, shows a more refined method for hiding the end grain of deck boards while creating a distinctive corner detail.

butt joints in deck boards - fine homebuilding

butt joints in deck boards posted in construction techniques on march 19, 2004 11:40am what is the best detail for butt-joining 5/4 x 6 deck boards? i’ve seen jobs where ends were cut at maybe a 30 degree angle, sort of a scarf, so that you can’t peer strht down into a crack. we’ve just 90’d them ourselves, but thought some of you