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beautiful deck. on a hillside or slope deck like this i would recommend imus cap for joist and beam protection against wood rot. very easy to install. 0. bgarrett. 6 years ago on introduction. reply upvote. for maximum strength and durability, the posts and the railing posts should be one and the same. 1 reply

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building a shed on slope the garage journal board backyard 6 in depth tips for building a new staircase at the cottage 6 in depth tips for building a new staircase at the cottage taming a slope sunset magazine swimming pool and deck on steep slope in mclean backyard land art how to build a deck part 05 building the subframe.

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home pools and spas pool decks: puddling, drainage and slope a 2% slope is considered the desirable slop for a pool deck. this slope will generally carry water off the deck area and little or no puddling will occur if the concrete finishers did a reasonable screeding and finishing job.

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the timber for the sub-frame and decking boards have been delivered pic 4 and are stored down the side of the house under tarpaulin. because the timber is green i.e. recently sawn it contains a certain amount of moisture which, in addition to the soak applied preservative, can make each piece weigh almost double its normal weight.

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decking sub frame. if your posts aren't completely set and solid then the frame will flex. i built up around the base of my posts with some cement that tapered away to the ground so that any water rolls away from the post to ground level. any rotting usually occurs at the junction between the ground and post where water can collect

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our plas-pro subframe system, made from solid, 100% recycled plastic, needs no maintenance and wont suffer from insect attack or damp you can even use it to support a deck over a pond along with a range of joist supports and self-levelling pedestals for easy installation, it is designed to last as long as the seven trust decking it supports.

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se aluminium subframe pedestals are suitable for supporting all conventional decking systems. unlike timber, our subframe system wont rot, but will support your decking for years to come. with its unique floating head design and infinite fine height adjustability between 40 and 1000mm, installation time is massively reduced compared to traditional methods.

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due to the design, diagonal decks are generally stronger than horizontal decks and can hold more weight. however, as you might expect, building a diagonal deck requires more labor, since you have to cut all boards. this of course raises your decking cost. chevron and herringbone decking. both deck designs look like a v and create a stunning deck design.

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sturdy deck built on steeply sloping hillside with wood and metal railing. more building a 24' x 20' deck on steep slope . three level decks and patios on a hillside redwood deck los altos hills, deck design, hillside decks 94022 and . how to build a timber deck - wickes. how to build a timber deck.

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decking sub frames. discussion in 'carpenters' talk' started by i have looked all over the internet to see what size of timber and in general terms the subframe is made of 6 by 2 or greater. these are clamped onto 6x2 verticals until i get an overall level and slope using strings and spirit levels. then the feet are concreted into the

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the main decking joists of the frame need to run in the opposite direction to the way the deck boards are laid, approximately 40cm apart. the level of the decking needs to be worked out prior to construction; it will need to be slightly sloped one way a slope of about 1cm for drainage purposes.

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my question is in regards to fixing Seven Trust decking timber to a steel frame. i have installed a prodek steel frame for an 11m x 4m deck. the system uses 200mm x 50mm steel beams.

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step 8: to begin laying the deck, measure across the top of the frame and cut a board to length. place the first board flush with the outside edge of the frame and facing, and perpendicular to the joists. mark the location of each joist on the board.

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hi, just wondering of anyone could help me and give me some advice re decking on a slope. please see attached image. basically i live in a new build property 2007 its always had a section of decking attached to the rear of the property see old boards on image .

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the slope is such that at the bottom of the garden, the deck will be around 5ft off the ground with the top end level with the ground not connected to the house though . i am after some advice for post spacing and joist spacing please. the deck will be around 6.5m wide by 3.5m deep. it is the 3.5m dimension that will span the slope.

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cut the outer joists of the sub-frame to length, remembering to allow for overlapping corner joints. coat the cut ends with an end grain preserver using a brush. attach the sub-frame joists to the wall joist with metal joist hangers and 50mm galvanised nails. to avoid splitting, pre-drill the holes for the galvanised nails.

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decking sub frames. question is, if i reduce the gaps between the joists and include lots of noggins would using 4 by 2 be acceptable to using much larger wood. i also plan on strengthening the frame with a batterboard and also onto a wall which the frame will go over. any help would be sincerely appreciated. thanks nigel.

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onestopdeckshop recommend using h4 or h5 for in ground treated pine timber piles that are dug into the ground and concreted in to anchor the deck structure to the ground. pile size: use either 100mmx100mm, 90mmx90mm, or 125mmx125mm square pile timbers.

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deck footing on a slope grade - deck designs. here is a rule of thumb for a deck footing on a slope so your deck will rest any slope has to be examined and understood before any building should upon it.

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a long bolt used to fasten the various sub-frame elements to the newel posts once fully constructed, the horizontal joists and beams which support the decking are usually referred to as the decking sub-frame.

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to avoid puddling water, the deck should have a slight slope. pitch and slope are two ways of describing the same angle, but from opposite directions. pitch is a rising angle, and slope is a

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this is simply a matter of adding on another sub-frame. if your extension runs over a downward slope, you can accommodate the change of level by adjusting the length of the joist support posts - and maybe installing a set of steps to lead down to the garden. to extend your deck up a slope, you can start the new sub-frame on top of the last.