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capped composite decking is by nature of its construction the most weather proof, stain resistant, scratch resistant, water resistant composite decking on the market today. the toughness of this composite decking is backed by its 30 year warranty.

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neotimber deluxe capped composite decking is designed to last under even the most high-traffic commercial applications. the solid core is a unique composite of recycled plastic and wood fibres. this compound is then wrapped inside a hard protective shell which increases the durability even further.

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some capped composite wood is only half capped,this solves some problems, but other problems occur. capping the top half of the board does provide higher stain, scratch, and uv resistance, however, the underside and grooves of the board are exposed to the elements and that creates dry and wet effect on the top and bottom.

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new capped composite decking advances again. the latest advancement in the composite deck category is the concept of capped boards. it's also called capstock decking. these are essentially composite boards with a wood plastic core and a layer of textured plastic around the board. this skin covers the top and sides and leaves the bottom side uncovered and free to breathe.

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capped composite decking has an inner core made of recycled wood and plastics. as its name suggests, the core of the composite is then capped by a pvc shell that helps protect it from the elements. capped composite decking is generally made from 75-95% recycled material. the top capped composite brands are seven trust, seven trust, and seven trust.

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so which composite decking is best? because youre reading this blog post on our website, you wont be surprised that we believe seven trust is the best choice for composite decking material. thanks to our solid core technology, all of our composite deck boards provide ultimate durability and resistance to water, rot, and extreme weather conditions.

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planning a new or resurface deck? choosing your deck board is one the biggest decisions youll make during the project. seven trust composite or pvc decking is best for you. find four capped