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deck over concrete concrete porch concrete steps front porch addition front deck back deck house deck house front diy deck 2,483 likes, 70 comments - dan cary danrcary on instagram: i built a front deck landing over my old concrete steps.

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have an ugly concrete step and porch? try this method to beautify the entrance to your home concrete step make over with wood decking how to pour a concrete sand-wash finished driveway

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special concrete paints, unique finishing techniques and the availability of stone and brick veneers allow you to add personality and character to any basic concrete patio. with a few simple tools and a weekend or two to spend on the labor, you can build a concrete porch without the expense and aggravation of hiring a team to do the job.

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oh, and by the way, i will be building new steps. the current steps will no longer work since the concrete steps are 5.5 inches high, and the last step onto the porch is now over 9 inches high. so the concrete steps will be torn out, and ill be replacing them with wood steps to match the porch.

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how to build a wood deck over a concrete patio by matt brown save; an old, cracked, partially sunken concrete patio can be an eyesore if not a safety hazard. step 1 check the drainage of the concrete patio. fill in any spots where rainwater pools with either self-leveling compound or a concrete topping mix. clean the area thoroughly, mix

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how to build a brick and concrete porch. the most common type of porch in residential areas is a brick-and-concrete porch. most homeowners use a simple, circular design constructed out of bricks, with an underlying layer of concrete preventing erosion.

how to add concrete steps to an existing concrete slab

if you have an existing concrete pad such as a patio or a basement foundation and you want to pour concrete steps on top of the slab, you will find that the process is actually easier than installing concrete steps into dirt because the foundation for the steps is already installed.