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at the northwest corner, a door with some stairs leading up to it leads to a room with a [green chili] inside. if you really want to be complete, go west from where arekoll is waiting. in the northwest corner with the golden wall, you can walk south into the wall. step west at the end of this secret path and turn north for a [salad].

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definition: a wall which doesn’t help the structure to stand up and holds up only itself is known as a non-load bearing wall.this wall is also referred to as “curtain wall”. main features: followings are the main features of non-load bearing walls: a non-load bearing wall doesn’t support floor roof loads above.; it is not a part of the structural frame system.

fly ash: from toxic by-product to nearly-free metal

fly ash: from toxic by-product to nearly-free metal replacement. swapping out the expensive metals in car parts and lamp posts for a nearly-free coal burning by-product could save the environment

on facebook, zuckerberg gets privacy and you get nothing

on facebook, zuckerberg gets privacy and you get nothing. opinion: facebook's way of showing how little it cares about its users' privacy is by doing something only when it gets caught.

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when a house is built, load bearing and non-load bearing walls are created. the difference between these walls is what you'd probably imagine - some are responsible for shouldering the structural weight of the building, while others (often called "curtain walls") are purely for dividing rooms and don't hold anything up.

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the water in the pond will cure poison if you drink it directly, and there is a hoard of thirty crowns in the leftmost lantern. next on the exploration parade is lake mordavia, also known as the lake of the lost. from the town gates, head south until you hit a wall, then go west until you hit a wall, then go south one screen.

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all exterior walls are load-bearing. there is no exception to this rule. if the wall parallels the joists above, it is likely not bearing loads. if a wall is bearing loads, it will be built perpendicular to the joists above it. some walls built at a perpendicular angle still might be non-load bearing. a closet is a good example.

non-load-bearing wall construction britannica

in construction: use of steel and other metals …the glass curtain wall, a non-load-bearing “skin” attached to the exterior structural components of the building. the earliest all-glass curtain wall, which was only on a single street facade, was that of the hallidie building (1918) in san francisco.

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two events prompted the change: the switch to a non-asbestos insulating putty - the original manufacturer had discontinued production - and the results of tests in may 1982 that finally convinced

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===== wizardry: labyrinth of lost souls [psn] faq version 1 - 02/27/2012 ===== written by christopher j. snelgrove(cj iwakura, cjiwakurax game is copywritten by acquire, xseed, ifm/sirtech(or whoever owns the rights to the wizardry franchise now), etc. made the draguun, a race of beings bearing the bloodline of the dragon gods