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seven trust resin decking is composed of 100% low-maintenance engineered polymer material, which does not contain any wood fibres or organic material. resin decking is 100% recyclable and resistant to termites.

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the composite advantage. there is no more treating, staining, sanding or other maintenance required, and this alone can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life span of a deck. there is also no more worry of cracking, splitting or rotting, with most brands of composite decking staying true to form for the duration of your decks life span.

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start your planning your deck resurfacing project today with our free online deck estimator tool. youll get the information you need to build a deck in your outdoor space. deck building and maintaining requires a few tools: pressure washer, circular saws and more.

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related to: in hot, sunny areas, plastic decks can get very hot on the soles of the feet and actually radiate heat, making them uncomfortable. still, for a virtually maintenance-free deck, plastic decking may be the answer. composite decking material uses a combination of plastic and wood fibers.

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deck cleaning how to pressure wash a deck . pressure washing your deck is the best way to keep your investment looking like new. learn how to properly clean your wood deck with these tips from

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a deck that dries after wetting will last longer than one that stays damp. good maintenance practices for cedar decks include allowing proper water drainage; keeping the surface free of dirt, leaves, pine-needles and other debris; and moving planters, benches and other deck accessories from time to time to permit the deck beneath them to dry thoroughly.

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5. clean the deck. choose a cloudy day when the decking is cool and the sun wont evaporate the cleaner. wood deck: use a paint roller, a garden sprayer, or a stiff-bristled brush broom to apply the cleaner. dont let it pool. dont let the deck dry until youve scrubbed it clean.

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maintenance free or low maintenance? composite decking manufacturers stopped claiming maintenance free when describing their products due to court settlements early on. currently, they refer to their decking as low maintenance. they will tell you that their products will require cleaning a couple of times a year to make it look good again.

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fiber cement decking. from a durability and maintenance standpoint, fiber cement does make a great option for decks, however from an installation standpoint, it tends to fall very short. fiber cement is made from a mixture of cellulose fiber, sand, silica, glass and portland cement, making it more durable and impervious to moisture.