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what are my options for resurfacing or repainting my old

epoxy paint/concrete epoxy=2 stage, mix the stages, chemical cure coating is a very resilient and good choice, but is expensive and more difficult to work with, and will wear about the same as a one-step paint in an outdoor environment. otherwise, choose something like a high-hide masonry primer and paint it -- or choose a one-step masonry paint.

building concrete steps - how to build concrete steps and

building concrete steps doesn't have to be difficult. if you want to learn how to build concrete steps just follow this step by step guide. this concrete step building guide will cover laying out the size, preparing the sub-base, building the forms, pouring, finishing and curing the concrete from start to finish.

concrete patio cover-up - seven trust's

concrete patio cover-up. the concrete pad creates a functional patio, but over time can become stained, cracked, or just plain boring. give your space a fresh look with a new layer of pavers. step 1. sweep the site thoroughly. spread a thin layer of paver base on the concrete. leave a base-free perimeter of about 8 inches, or one row of

the best concrete stair coverings

concrete stairs are tougher and sturdier than wood stairs, but they are often more difficult to maintain. unlike wood, concrete is more susceptible to cracking. to maintain the leveling and structure of your concrete stairs, you should consider covering them. these stair coverings come in a variety

how to patch and resurface concrete steps how-tos diy

for the edge of the step use a nose tool or nodder and use a cove tool or cover to shape the rounded portions where the steps meet. use these instructions to fix small holes and cracks in a concrete patio, driveway or garage floor. how to repair concrete steps. learn how to fix a crumbling concrete step. concrete stairs and walkways can

how to cover concrete steps with wood - farmhouse on boone

learn how to cover concrete steps with wood with this tutorial. step by step pictures of the process are included. to begin this project, we purchased a couple of 4-step stair stringers to put on the outside of the old steps. to make our stairs wider, we placed them about a foot out on either side of the stairs.

covering an existing concrete porch with wood - part 1

covering an existing concrete porch with wood part 1. the big picture goal here is that ill be covering my existing concrete front porch with wood so that i can stain it and it will look like a traditional wood front porch. but you cant just put wood porch/deck boards directly onto concrete. so i might need to add that step also.

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concrete restoration: step-by-step overview raising sunken concrete by slabjacking applications for resurfacing restore concrete: resurfacing outdoor driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks and walkways resurfacing interior floors: cover concrete with decorative concrete overlays decorative concrete overlays: discover the decorative options

how to cover concrete steps with wood hunker

covering your concrete steps with wood can add protection and beauty to your steps. step 1 examine the concrete steps to ensure they are not too decayed. if the concrete steps are in disrepair, the wood may break along with the concrete steps. replace the concrete steps if you find them riddled with cracks and other imperfections that may cause

stair tread covers for safe long lasting treads

stair tread covers can renew old outdoor deck stairs. safe, long lasting, affordable and easy to do. works on indoor or outdoor stairs - even concrete steps. resurface or try stair tread covers for worn out stairs. covering rather than rebuilding or resurfacing stair treads with epoxies and resins can be a great option.

a concrete overlay makeover - how i resurface ugly concrete

watch us overlay this concrete patio in the video below, we had to repair some spalled concrete on this concrete patio before we could overlay it. the video will show you, step by step, what it takes to resurface a damaged, spalled, or worn concrete patio slab.

how to cover concrete stairs home guides sf gate

covering concrete stairs can add actual and decorative warmth to the area. gray concrete can appear cold and can be cold on feet. the stark appearance is generally considered undesirable in the

how to cover concrete steps home guides sf gate

if your home's entryway steps are unsightly, you can easily cover them with brick veneer. veneer gives a new look to your steps as well as adds needed traction. brick veneers are thin brick tiles

how to clad concrete steps in stone this old house

though you may wish you could take a sledgehammer to those drab concrete steps tarnishing your home's curb appeal, we have a better plan. how to repair an uneven bluestone patio. this old house landscape contractor roger cook helps a homeowner repair a cracked stone walkway how to repair a broken stone walkway.

anti-slip step covers stop slips and falls safeguard

anti-slip step covers from safeguard technology convert slippery stairs into safe, non-slip walking areas to prevent slips-and-falls. our step covers are easy to install on any surface: steel and composite grating, steel and aluminum plate, concrete, wood, and more.

composite anti-slip stair tread 48 in. grey step cover

our slip resistant, attractive step cover can be quickly and easily installed on your wood, concrete or steel grating steps. complete instructions are available on the carton. your finished project will create a safe and attractive stairway in a fraction of the time and cost, making composigrip step covers an effective alternative to

how to give a tile facelift to an ordinary concrete porch

this will make the grout moisture resistant, which is especially important on outside tile jobs. the final step is to apply an exterior sealing caulk around the edges of the house to keep water from seeping into areas where it should not be. how to patch concrete porch steps. how to restore a porch railing.

how to install outdoor carpet on concrete steps hunker

you can lay outdoor carpet over concrete steps during a weekend. if you've ever laid vinyl flooring, you already have a good idea about what the job will be like. as with most projects, you must prepare the surface. if you have worked with concrete before, you know the most difficult part will be waiting wait for any small concrete repairs to

how to install outdoor carpet on concrete stairs

even without prior experience, you can learn to install outdoor carpet on concrete porch steps. be prepared to spend most of your time preparing the concrete, collecting material and tools, and buying your carpet. compared to the time it takes to do all that, installing the carpet will be a snap