artificial grass underlay for decking

artificial grass and underlay for decking & patios

a good quality artificial grass underlay for decking and patio will be 8-10mm in height, have a strong backing that grips the existing surface and will have drainage holes already embedded in its surface to make sure you avoid getting large pools of water collecting on the surface. there are other benefits too, lets take a quick look;

underlay for artificial grass - deckings, patios

underlay for artificial grass - 4m wide. if you are going to be installing artificial grass onto wooden decking, an existing patio or anything like block paving that has lines or creases in the surface then you are going to need to use an underlay to stop the lines in the surface from appearing in your grass a short while after it is put down.

underlay direct artificial grass

underlay is essential when installing artificial grass on decking and patterned surfaces as it removes lines from decking and reduces impact. you can also use underlay on other surfaces, but it isn't essential.

shockpad underlay - artificial grass fitting

artificial grass shockpad underlay for decking and concrete bases. ideal for masking board lines in decking prior to covering with artificial grass. only £2 per square metre! £28.80. availability: currently 268 rolls in stock. delivery prices & timescale.

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how to lay artificial grass on decking i perfect grass

if the boards of the decking have large grooves we will use an underlay for the artificial grass. this will prevent the boards of the decking showing through the grass in the future. the 10mm underlay that we use comes in large rolls so we simply roll it out to the edge of the decking and cut. we then allow it to settle for a few hours.