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decorating addiction: hiding bad ceilings

hiding bad ceilings. we used wood panels to cover up the ceilings. can i ask, did you take the old ceiling panels off before putting the planks up? we are thinking of doing this treatment to a number of our ceilings which have the ceiling square panels. thanks, kelly.

how to cover an old tile backsplash with beadboard how

how to cover an old tile backsplash with beadboard. once you have all the bead board panels properly cut, use a trowel to spread thinset glue over each section and then position each panel very closely to the glued surface. dont press the panel into the glue until you have also lined up the adjacent panel as well. an old picket fence

how to cover an old tile backsplash with beadboard hgtv

how to cover an old tile backsplash with beadboard. when all panels are up and aligned, evenly press each panel into the glue, and use a long level to check alignment. it is important to use consistent pressure to keep the panel flat so as not to create uneven placement. once you have all the bead board panels properly cut, use a trowel

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jun 23, 2016 - explore marielee31's board 'electric box', followed by 375 people on pinterest. see more ideas about electric box and breaker box.

how to cover up old ceilings home guides sf gate

an old ceiling can be unappealing, devalue a home, and leave you wondering what to do about it. there are, however, a few relatively easy ways to cover it up and make it current. whether you like

8 creative wood paneling makeover ideas for mobile homes

cover them up. we put this idea first because you could use it as a starting point for our other makeover ideas. its surprisingly easy to cover up wood panels in a mobile home so that no one even knows they are there in the first place. and no, that doesnt necessarily mean replacing them altogether with another type of wall.

three ways to cover mobile home walls

get rid of them with these three ways to cover the walls in your mobile home on a budget. so much more comfortable and attractive and i love the mantle. it was an old mantle from the house, i grew up in. my father had cut the yew wood tree down and had it planed, in the mid 1950s. we ended up covering most of ours with bead board

need ideas for covering funky old ceiling tile

i am also searching for a cover-up solution if you could share any. 1920 so we looked at putting bead board in it was a laundry room/back porch area - we then decided to use it as an office

covering up old wainscoting creative faux panels

covering up old wainscoting with stacked stone. posted on april 22, 2016 april 22, and thats where we came in. they ordered our norwich stacked stone panels in motley gray color to cover the wainscoting, and covered the rest of the walls with pine planks. subscribe to creative faux panels.

how to cover wallpaper on the walls home guides sf gate

2 decorative ideas using paint to cover paneling; 3 cover up old wallpaper in addition to using panel adhesive to hold the beadboard in place, you should nail the beadboard in place on the

how to cover up old wallpaper hunker

how to cover up old wallpaper by chris deziel directly over the wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to cover it. some panels are less than 1/4 inch thick and precovered with wallpaper. very little is needed in the way of preparation -- simply pry off the baseboards and other molding that might get in the way, find the studs -- using a stud

how to cover wood paneling with pictures

how to cover wood paneling. wood paneling was once a popular wall covering for homes. today, it can look out-of-date, especially if it's really made from plywood. as long as your panels are in decent condition, you can save yourself the

how to cover wood paneling on walls home guides sf gate

wood paneling is just one of many finishes you can use on the walls of a home. while the installation will last many years, there are times when you might find it necessary to cover the paneling.

how can i cover up old wood paneling without painting or

call me materialistic but i have to find a way to cover it up its only one wall in the living room but i have more of a modern style and the wood just doesnt go with my furniture, decor, etc. is there anything that i can do to cover it up and still make it look nice? do stores sell fabric wall panels or something along those lines?

cover-up panels

the custom flat panel cover-up white plastic access panel is made to order and to your size. order size is the actual panel size. always add 2 inches in to width and height of opening to determine panel size it simply screws into the surrounding drywall. screws and anchors included. available with or without insulation on back.

diy fuse box electrical panel cover and basement decorating

so he made our frame and electrical panel cover out of our leftover floorboard trim. thats it, nothing fancy. no bead board or new wood to pick up. just plain old mdf floor board that he painted after he put it together. this was the before to give an idea, in case you missed the essay of a photo post about our basement reno.

7 wood paneling decorating ideas

cover it up. if you cant change the wall, then cover it. these fabric panels can actually give the illusion that you have a huge window. the fabric can also make an elegant decorating statement. another way to cover it is to use a large piece of furniture the wall, such as a bookshelf or entertainment system. even hanging a large piece

ceiling covering buying guide

why cover your ceiling? drop ceiling panels rest in a grid system suspended from the ceiling joists. the nature of the grid system makes it easy to level any ceiling and offers the added benefit of easy access to pipes and wiring above the ceiling. apply directly to plywood or oriented strand board osb , or use them in a suspended