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you are over complicating things. you can use that concrete as your foundation. use concrete anchors on each step for the ledger. when building a deck you can have am overhang so if properly secured you would be able to have wood on the left hand side without concrete under it 2 feet might be a little much though .

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step 2 lay out footings. lay out footings 3 inches wider than the steps. excavate the footings to the depth codes require, pour the concrete, and insert 12-inch lengths of rebar 7 to 8 inches into the footings. the top of the rebar should be about 2 inches lower than the finished height of the steps.

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tools and materials for forming concrete steps segmented diamond blades for a circular saw and grinder. irrigation system tubing, valves, elbows, tee and hose adapter. concrete mixing tub, wood float, steel trowel and edger. concrete bonding adhesive. we used quikrete no. 9902. concrete mix. a

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how to build concrete steps: step 1. figuring the size of your concrete steps. step 2. preparing the base is a very important step when building concrete steps. step 3. building the forms for the concrete stairs. step 4. pouring the concrete into the concrete stairs. step 5. finishing the

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the best how to build a porch over concrete steps free download pdf and video. get 50 free woodworking plans get how to build a porch over concrete steps: world's most comprehensive collection of woodworking ideas for pro and beginner. beginner woodwork. pro woodwork projects.styles: furniture, toys, frames, beds, animal houses, racks, dressers, chairs, coasters, and many more.

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how to add concrete steps to an existing concrete slab step 1. position the concrete form onto the concrete slab and against the wall where you plan step 2. coat the inside of the form with a concrete release agent. step 3. fill in the lower areas in the back of the mold with crushed limestone

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build deck over concrete steps. you'll also need a masonry bit to drill a hole into the concrete. simply slip the expansion bolt through the hole in the half base and into the concrete, and as you tighten the nut the flange on the bolt will expand to grab the concrete and secure the half base.

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how to clad concrete steps in stone. granite veneer: new england thinstones' chesterfield square and rectangle, about $12.50 per square foot, and corner stones, about $15 per linear foot; new england thinstones. treads: 1½-inch thermally treated bluestone, about $13 per linear foot; fairfield stone and landscape supply.

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a nice all composite step build over on a pressure treated frame. it was a frosty night but the work needed to get done and it came out really nice.

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build a small deck that portrudes from the front door to the end of the steps. from there build your stairs going down to the ground. no need to remove the concrete. the deck will also add home value. keep in mind if you affix anything to your house, you 'should' get a permit to do so.

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how to build forms for concrete steps. here's what to do: dig out 6 inches 15.2 centimeters of earth over the area where the steps will be. make sure the ground is level and firm. spread 2 inches 5 centimeters of gravel over the cleared area. ram down the gravel. build a frame around the whole area of the steps,

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building concrete steps requires a whole bunch of switching back and forth between edgers and mags. one trick a lot of pros have figured out is that if you leave the tools face down on the concrete they dont dry out as fast.

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to build your own concrete steps, start by deciding on the number of stairs you need based on dimensions like the height of each stair, which is typically around 6 to 8 inches. next, youll need to clear the area where you plan to build your steps and lay down a base of gravel to stabilize your steps and keep them from shifting.

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how to pour concrete steps. sawcut your form lumber and finish corners: sawcut all but the bottom step forms at a 45-degree angle. this allows for finishing right up to the corner of the step. attach step form liners: if you wish to create stone-like textures on the faces of your concrete steps or a profiled edge,

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the upper retaining wall will cross over the step blocks and continue on along the path. with the steps complete, dig and continue the base courses for both walls and assemble them figure b . this base course will determine the elevation of the base course for the two steps up to the patio and for other stairs at the other end of our path not shown .

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front porch - wooden steps over concrete steps.. visit. discover ideas about concrete porch. this is one of my favorite posts, i think, with one of my favorite comments ever. tricia rose said.'the bravest 'before' photos i ha. diy mudroom closet, build inside like this but build door like old school built ins. diy mudroom closet - make a

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oh, and by the way, i will be building new steps. the current steps will no longer work since the concrete steps are 5.5 inches high, and the last step onto the porch is now over 9 inches high. the current steps will no longer work since the concrete steps are 5.5 inches high, and the last step onto the porch is now over 9 inches high.

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concrete or masonry steps are commonly built between a garage that is on grade and a home which is on a basement or cl space type foundation. how to build wooden stairs over existing cement