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video: sea ray to celebrate 60 years of building boats. for 59 years, sea ray has set the standard and pushed the limits of performance and craftsmanship to elevate the boating experience. 2019 will mark the 60th anniversary of sea ray at the helm of defining the boating lifestyle.

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the df200, df225 and df250 are each a 24-valve dohc engine platform that provides enough power to get your heart racing just as fast as your boat. df250ss df250ap. for hot rod enthusiasts, why not fit your pontoon or deck boat with the same kind of power you throw into your car?

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so ditch that old mentality, and get ready to experience the pleasure of pontoon boating. think there's a pontoon boat we missed that deserves to make this top 10 list? add it in the comments section below, or share it on our facebook page. see more in-depth pontoon boat reviews and videos on, or see our other top picks at:

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lsz rear lounge is a popular choice for sunbathers and cruisers alike. this midrange pontoon boat design features two extra-wide rear-facing lounge seats in the aft portion of the boat, port and bow benches, and an addition chair in the midsection of the boat.

15 top pontoon and deck boats for 2018

youre going to have a hard time finding a better-looking deck boat than the four winns hd series. deck boats often make design compromises to find a balance between bowrider performance and pontoon capacity. four winns has figured out how to do both, without compromise and packed this boat with features to keep the entire crew entertained.

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all you need to do is go to hills landing and ask the guys there that flipped their deck boat on moultrie 3 years ago in december. when we found them floating on the upsidedown deck boat they had done decided that a deck boat was not a good choice at santee. all i can say is if it were me a pontoon with big logs is the way to go.

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while plywood works well for deck construction, it is not inherently the best option for a floor. its not easy to clean, requires a lot of maintenance, and is generally not aesthetically pleasing. carpet pontoon boat flooring. in the past, carpet has been a popular choice for pontoon flooring for several reasons.

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pontoon boats, also sometimes called 'party barges,' are designed with two metal pontoons also called tubes or even logs .unlike earlier versions that were basically just platforms fixed on top of two floating pontoons, the new designs often feature three pontoons known as 'tri-toons' that are hydrodynamically shaped and efficient in the water, with the middle pontoon lower than the two

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double decker pontoon boats. double decker pontoon boats from tahoe provide all the space your friends and family need for a day of fun on the lake. sunbathe or slide from the upper deck and enjoy the shade, cruising from the lower deck. « view all pontoon models

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unlike many fishing and speed boats that can be difficult to get into from the water if you are swimming, it is easy to board a pontoon boat because its deck sits low on the water. most pontoon boats are also equipped with biminis so guests can relax in the shade.

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pontoon boat deck kits come with the proper type of treated marine grade plywood. we will not ship glue if the temperature is under 32 degrees. we will ship once there is a break int he weather and we are able to do so. what comes in my kit? flooring specs warranty install everything to replace your deck and flooring your choice . deck

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explore deck boat brands explore pontoon brands. style. this is perhaps the most subjective part of comparing pontoons and deck boats, and it all comes down to your personal tastes and what turns your head. todays pontoons are tricked out with coordinated graphics, a choice of rail skin colors, high-quality vinyl seats, and tough and

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the premier choice in style, class, and luxury for boaters wanting the ultimate boating experience the broadest range of performance and luxury options with above deck and below deck customizations. rx sport model 16'-25' pontoon boats highlighting comfort, style, and functionality that can be catered to your lifestyle. s model

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pontoon boat vs. deck boat. pontoon boats and deck boats were built for essentially the same purpose to provide a place for a group of people to hang out on the water. the differences between the two are not that great, and some say the differences are fading away.

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how to put choice deck on a pontoon boat . pontoon boat decking kit. shop our pontoon boat redeck kits complete with decking, pontoon carpet, boat hardware, marine

compact, mini and small pontoon boats the top benefits

there are various types of different pontoon boats, they all come in different shapes and sizes. theres a type for everyone. as of recently, small pontoon boats have become increasingly popular. but why is it that these mini pontoon boats are so great? these more compact pontoons are nothing new; theyve been about for many years. though, people are only

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the actual size can be quite similar from a deck boat to a pontoon boat, so if this is your deciding factor, consider the purpose of your boat. deck boats can usually accommodate up to 12 people, but the more-spacious layout of a pontoon boat can comfortably and safely fit up to 16 people on large models.