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wood fence posts

wood post and rail fence provides rustic charm wood post and rail fence provides rustic charm to your property or pasture. this 2-hole end post features holes to accept the end of the matching split rail. this post is pressure-treated to protect against termites and rot and color-infused for long-lasting good looks. use this post to connect 2-fence

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1. post base spike - you hammer it in the ground and your fence post is above ground., no concrete necessary. about $15 each. 2. post anchor or bracket, sits in concrete and the post is above ground. about $10 each. 3. metal post, like the one used for chain link, in concrete, then a 2x4 attached to it above ground.

different ways of anchoring the fence posts

metal spikes can be used; bolt-down fence bases; the posts can be bedded in concrete; whether you erect all the posts first or one at a time depends on the material used for the fencing. if chain link fencing is used, all the posts should be positioned and securely erected first. panelling fencing can be erected as each post is erected.

how to fix a broken fence post in under 30 minutes

this is a common repair, because the wood fence posts tend to rot at the base of the fence where they sit in the concrete footing. once the fence post is rotted, it will blow over easily in the wind.

can i use my existing wood fence posts to install a new

welcome to reddit, the ground in my backyard is a bastard to dig which stopped me from doing the job of installing a new vinyl gate myself out the window. i just got the idea though that if it was possible to keep the existing posts, then cut down the wood fence and replace those with the vinyl it wouldn't be too bad of a project.

how to protect wooden fence posts from rotting home

you can use concrete, if desired, but the moisture in the concrete can sometimes cause wooden posts to rot more quickly, while the gravel allows water to drain quickly away from the fence post and

treated fence posts for free

there's no secret to making treated fence posts as john bunyan does. it's not even hard to do. the method is one of those simple, close-to-nature tasks that most people have turned away from and

can i use my existing wood fence posts to install a new

you need to research it a bit but there are some types of vinyl fence systems that will provide vinyl wraps that fit over existing posts, already in the ground, between which vinyl panels can be affixed. the key issue would be how well the space between the existing posts will accommodate the standard widths of the available vinyl fence panels.

setting fence posts

advertisement. as for the posts themselves, a little regular scrutiny and maintenance will help ensure a long life for your fence. inspect your posts at least once a year, ideally in spring or fall, and reapply paint or stain as necessary to protect the wood and keep your fence looking its best.

how to add wood fence to existing chain link fence posts

fence post footers for chain link jobs are typically smaller in diameter and depth than wood fences. the extra weight and wind load of a wood fence must be accounted for. solution 3 if you know that the footers are sufficient, then you could in theory re-use the posts. if you are unsure, at a minimum please make sure that the posts are sturdy, and plumb.

fence posts: 6x6 or 4x4 ?? advantages-disadvantages

6x6 is overkill for sturdiness. 4x4 is the standard. and if you do it as a privacy fence, 6x6 posts stand out and make it look more substantial. i wouldn't want it either. if you're doing a 'good neighbour' style fence you can use 6x6's nicely. i really like the ecobuilder's 4x6 fence though.

treated pine vs. cedar

to be fair, cedar posts would not fare as well as treated pine in our environment. you may be lucky to get five years out of an old growth redwood cedar post. to greatly expand the life of your posts, regardless of which you choose, keep them out of the ground, if possible. you can do this by using stirrups mounted in concrete.

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strength against moisture: concrete fence posts are ideal for low-lying spots that are regularly wet. when you use wood fence posts in low-lying areas, they quickly rot and make the fence itself obsolete. using concrete fence posts means that theres no rot and that your fence will continue performing during wet seasons. concrete fence posts also provide a seven trust, attractive fencing solution that can help enhance the value and appearance of any given property. concrete fence posts from

how to build a wood retaining wall: 12 steps with pictures

not only that, you can turn it into a terraced garden for planting anything from vegetables and flowers building a wood retaining wall is a great way to keep your topsoil from washing away down a slope.

3 ways to protect a wooden post from rotting in the ground

fortunately though, there are a few preventative steps you can take to ensure that your wooden posts wont rot in the ground and that theyll stand for years. make sure to use a sturdy Seven Trust for your post, and treat the wood if it hasnt already been treated. then, if your post needs to support weight, you can bury its base in concrete.

how to set a pressure treated 4x4 wood post, carpentry

discover how to set a pressure treated 4x4 wood post as expert handyman rick e patterson takes you step-by-step method and other carpentry tips from start to finish. watch this carpentry how-to

concrete is a no-no for fence posts national columns

concrete is a no-no for fence posts. not only does burying them in concrete make for more work down the line, it actually can speed up the rotting. the concrete creates a collar around the post, and because different materials expand and contract with mosture and temperature at different rates, inevitably a little space develops around the post.

how to set fence posts that won't rot the family handyman

if your cedar wooden fence posts are rotting at the bottom, you need to replace them. the rot probably developed because the posts were installed improperly. so if you install your new posts the same way the old posts were installed, youll just have to do the whole thing over again a few years down the line.

how to build a wood fence with galvanized metal posts

to take advantage of the strength of the galvanized post on the hinge-side of the gate, you should attach the gate to it with the same gate hinges you would use with a chain-link fence gate. first construct a metal gate frame, using thinner steel pipes than you used for the posts, to reduce the weight of the gate. assemble the frame pieces with galvanized steel corner brackets.

how to set a post in concrete when it rains hunker

you can still set your fence posts--even when it rains. step 1 use posthole diggers to dig a hole 30 inches deep. make the hole's diameter three to four times the width of the post. step 2 fill in the hole with 6 inches of gravel to keep the post from sagging into the ground and to drain away water.

where can you find free telephone poles?

according to the company, poles used for pole barns are generally sold at $4 per foot, while poles for fence posts average $3 per foot. older, bleached-out poles are typically only recommended for hardscaping or landscaping projects. the company adds that telephone poles can be custom cut into building lumber as well.

16 amazing diy projects that make use of repurposed fence

16 amazing diy projects that make use of repurposed fence posts. if youve been changing the layout of your backyard or garden or maybe if youve been replacing the fences of your land, you will have some fence posts that you no longer need. you can easily change that by giving them another purpose but more on that below.

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shop fence posts in the fencing and gates section of seven find quality fence posts online or in store. actual: 3.5-in x 3.625-in x 7.5-ft galvanized steel galvanized steel wood fence line post. blue hawk common: 5-in x 6-ft; actual: 0.6-in x 5-in x 6-ft powder-coated steel garden fence u-post post.

how to install a wood fence post with pictures

if you plan to anchor the post in soil, the hole diameter should be as close to the fence post size as possible. if you plan to anchor the post in gravel, dig a bit wider roughly 8 inches 20cm across for a standard 4x4 post. use a post hole digger to dig a strht-walled hole.