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new building code rules for decks in minnesota

as i mentioned in a blog post at the beginning of this year, minnesota adopted a new building code on january 24th. i covered a few of the most significant changes, but one of the bigger changes that i never talked about is the addition of a whole section on deck construction.

what type of post base connection should i use while

the foundation of a deck and the way it's connected to the deck itself is critical to making them last for decades under the right conditions. category howto and style

how do you cut down 4x4 deck posts already in place

how do you cut down 4x4 deck posts already in place ? i need to lower my deck 4x4 posts by about 5-6'. how can i cut them down strht while they are in place ? answer save. 9 answers the blade is long enough to crosscut the entire post and if you make sure you are cutting your marks strht you will have a nice level and strht cut

splits and cracks in 6x6 posts

i used the epoxy on all four faces of six 6x6 posts to get more accurate results, rather than to just one or two 6x6s. note: that this deck is loacted in the southeast - just north of atlanta, w/ relatively high termps and humidity 1/2 of the year, plus mild winters, and a moderate amount of rainfall.

how to cut composite decking hunker

notch your decking to fit around any obstructions such as deck posts. set the deck board in place, and cut to length next to any object that you must cut around. mark the edges of the obstruction on the decking piece to indicate the proper location. cut away the decking inside the outline with a jigsaw and a medium- to fine-tooth blade. use

how to install a composite railing on a porch or deck

the rails were toe-nailed into the post and house and are easily cut away, using a reciprocating saw. music a pry-bar and claw hammer make short work of removing what remains. after a trip to the home improvement center to pick up the new fence, we unload it and get to work installing. the posts on the porch deck have an inner steel

making deck posts the family handyman

slide the collar over the 4×4 deck post and secure it with two screws on opposite sides to hold it in place. the holes left from the screws will swell shut and become nearly invisible with time. practice various patterns on a scrap 4×4 deck post and keep track of all the collar locations by marking the post before you reposition the collar.

favorite saw for cutting 6x6

what is your favorite saw or method for cutting 6x6 and 4x4 deck post and why? it lets me feel the wood, as i swiftly cut away its legs. it can really get awkward when 'screws and lag bolts' get involved. why? because im passionate about my wood -bill. advertisement

demo that deck the old house web old house web

removing a wood deck - backyard demolition. jim mallery. so remove them a section at a time--when you have cut away joists past a supporting post, remove that section of beam. the rest of the beam will be anchored by the remaining deck, and the small section of beam you are removing will be a more manageable size. if the post holders

how to get these old rusted screws out of the deck boards

how to get these old rusted screws out of the deck boards? login to reply the answers post; bingalee. 6 years ago. reciprocating saw aka 'sawzall. use the depth gauge on a skill saw to cut away the decking in front of the wood without cutting the joists. pull up the wood and and then sawzall sideways on what is left of the screw heads

deck repair : how to cut boards out of a deck

cutting out existing wood deck boards is essential for making deck repairs. find out how to cut out old deck boards using a saw-zaw in this free video. how to build a deck 3 decking posts

deck framing basics diy

siding must be cut away to expose the rim joist; never install a ledger over any kind of siding. secure the ledger with lag bolts, not screws or nails. improper installation of the ledger is the leading cause of deck failures in the u.s. be sure to check with your local building authorities for code requirements in your area.

titan post anchor

cut away view of titan post anchor a sharp edged, light weight, rigid tube cuts deep into the core of the wood post and diverts enough load away from the screws to increase the overall load resistance. a truly innovative and effective solution.

framing a deck for hot tub installation diy deck plans

the area under the hot tub should be framed as a separate system, with its own footings. check with local building code to determine spacing requirements for posts. adjust the height of the hot tub deck framing to match with surrounding deck height, making allowances for 2x6 under decking and other differences.

railings: installing wood deck rail posts diy deck plans

posts can be installed a little longer than needed and left uncut. a chalk line and level are then strung along the row of posts to mark the top height of all posts in a single row. cut the posts to this height, so that the top of the posts are completely level, even if slight variations in the deck occur.