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update for 2019: deck stripping removing an old deck stain. those who are familiar with deck staining are aware of how important each step of the process is, especially the initial prepping that precedes the stain. in this article, we discuss the importance of using a quality deck stain stripper when you have an old coating on your deck you

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every time you restain a deck, the old stain should be removed first. adding additional stain will not provide longer protection it may buy you another year, but to achieve best results, the old stain needs to be stripped off first. 3. when applying stain to the deck, we recommend going board by board.

can you use a minwax stain outdoors? top woodworking tips

harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun are known to destroy the minwax stain on furniture. they bring about fading in the furniture, and the suns harsh rays can burn the minwax stain and fade it off quickly. lack of uv ray inhibitors in many minwax stains make the wood more prone to damage from uv rays.

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so, if you choose to roll on the deck stain, you may find that you still need to do a good amount of brushing, and the difference between the two methods can create some unsightly, uneven patches. in addition, stain can pool at the ends of the roller and drip down onto the deck, creating splotches in the stain.

deck staining tools: whats better, whats best

success on a deck project as well as your overall experience depends largely on the tools you use to apply the stain. using the wrong tools can make the job more grueling than it needs to be. they can slow you down and prevent you from getting the stain on quickly and evenly.

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the best stain to use on a wooden fence is the type that has a sealer mixed in with it. this will save you time and money because you can stain and seal all at the same time.

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semi-transparent stain. allows the wood grain to show through. depending on the product you chose, most will dry to a flat sheen. deck stains are penetrating stains and do not leave any shine when they have cured. does not provide much protection against uv rays.


brush application natural bristle is the preferred method because it works the oil-based stain into the wood fibers and cells more effectively. to avoid lap marks, make sure that the leading edge is kept wet and that the wet stain is brushed into the wood. on new decks, it is important to only apply one coat of oil-based deck finishes.

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you can stain a new deck with a solid stain and therefore restain less often, but then you are covering up the natural beauty of the decking. on average, a transparent stain will need to be restained every year, while a solid pigment stain will need to be restained every five years.

5 tips for applying semi transparent deck stain

5 tips for applying semi transparent deck stain. edges can be finished up with a brush. using a roller will also make it less likely that drip marks and excess stain will be left on the surface. tip 3 - application technique when applying semi transparent deck stain, it is important to work in a methodical manner to ensure an even result.

can you use a roller to stain a deck

yes, you can put an oil-based stain over a previous water-based stain on a deck. there will be problems doing the opposite as the water will not dry on the oil. asked in home and garden

how to apply deck stain with a roller or pad

media gallery. while spraying is the fastest way to apply deck stain, for most homeowners, using a roller or lambswool pad is one of the most practical ways to apply deck stain. the process takes longer, but there are some important advantages to using these cheap tools. for one thing, there is no over-spray to control.

how to restore-a-deck stain to damp wood deck cleaning

how to restore-a-deck stain to damp wood. if the weather is on your side, first, complete steps 1 and 2 of the restore-a-deck in a day process by applying either the restore-a-deck cleaner or restore-a-deck stripper depending on whether there is already stain on the wood surface, followed by the restore-a-deck brightener.

can behr seven trust deck over be applied to

not sure if it is latex or oil base but it is peeling and looks very weathered. minor splitting is occurring in some areas too. deck over sounds like a great solution, but not if i have to go through the extensive process of stripping 700 sq ft of deck down to bare wood not to mention

add grit/sand to deck stain for traction

there is a deck in the front of the house with a ramp, and a traditional small deck on the back of the house. is it possible to add something like silica sand to a stain even a heavy bodied stain for a traction aid? is it better to toss it onto the deck as each section is stained instead of mixing it into the can?

how to apply deck stain with a roller or pad

dont move the roller too fast. this can cause the stain to spatter. begin the stroke when the roller has just been refilled about six inches away from the wet stain. then roll toward the wet section. roll back and forth at a smooth steady pace, refilling the roller as frequently as needed. with a pad, you pull and push the pad back and forth.

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a homeowner compares rolling, brushing and spraying stain on his deck. a homeowner compares rolling, brushing and spraying stain on his deck. staining a deck - roll vs brush vs spray graco

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can be brushed rolled or sprayed. semi-solid deck stain comes in many colors. disadvantages of a semi-solid. after 2 or 3 applications of a semi-solid, it looks like a solid stain application. because it seals so well after several applications vertical surfaces can get stay glossy. if you dont mind this look than its no problem.

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the downside is that you will have to apply more coats and it wont last as long as oil-based stains. a water-based stain is more resistant to mildew than oil-based stain however. oil-based stains. although more expensive, an oil-based stain will last longer and help to preserve the wood better. oil-based stains can be rolled, sprayed or brushed on.

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avoid applying deck stain in direct sunlight if at all possible. sunshine can heat deck surfaces far beyond air temperature, boiling off those vital ingredients. work during shady times of the day or cloudy weather. maintain a wet edge as you work if youre applying any sort of finish that forms a surface film.

how to stain a deck

you can now go over the the wet rolled on stain with your brush using a firm nice even continuous motion. some painters will eliminate the brushing step but back brushing as it's called has it's advantages when learning how to stain a deck. by back brushing you help the stain adhear to the decks surface better.

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sand the deck with an orbital sander if the surface is rough or you need to remove an old stain or sealer. use a hand sander in corners and other hard-to-reach spots. wear a respirator while sanding.

the ultimate guide for how to stain a deck step-by-step

you can help this problem by using the same colored stain as the existing deck stain. when instructing people how to stain a deck, i always recommend that the existing stain be removed if the colors of the two stains differ, or if they arent compatible according to the manufacturers recommendations.

we finally stained our deck

the stain can be sprayed or rolled on, but since our deck is small, i decided to brush it on. the directions on the can said to apply two thin coats. here it is with the first coat of the stain.