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for decks or other outdoor projects made from pressure-treated lumber, code requires the use of fasteners that offer good corrosion resistance. however, stainless-steel and hdg fasteners are typically recommended and are the most common. before using either, its essential to understand the differences between them.

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some hidden fasteners dont work with deck boards that have a groove on the sides. you must use a hidden fastener thats approved for the type of decking youre going to use. choose hidden fasteners that allow you to remove an individual board that has been damaged.

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new camo hidden screw fastener. camo hidden fastener for pressure treated trimwood carpentry inc by mike welch. which decking is best? - duration: 12:05.

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mechanically galvanized screws are generally suitable for decks and other outdoor projects made of pressure-treated lumber. nevertheless, you should not use them with pt lumber in contact with the soil, in high-moisture areas, or in areas with salt content in the air.

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the best bolts for pressure-treated wood pressure-treated wood uses chemicals that can accelerate the appearance of corrosion unless you use the appropriate fasteners. when building a deck that features pressure-treated wood, use galvanized screws whose galvanizing thickness is between .75 and 1.5 millimeters.

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10 x 2-1/2 stainless deck screws best hidden fasteners for wood decking. product overview. although bolt dropper typically makes phillips head deck screws, in recent years, they have diverted to producing square drive deck screws, which are much better if you compare them with respect to the head stripping factor.

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the hillman group 47693 screws are great screws for decks, fences, or any wood-based outdoor project. while they are built for the outdoors, the protective coating can stain woods like cedars or redwoods that would absorb some of the galvanized coating.

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the 2006 international residential code states, fasteners for pressure-preservative and fire-retardant-treated wood shall be of hotdipped zinc-coated galvanized steel, stainless steel, silicon bronze or copper.

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i would recommend to use the treated torx screws for acq alkaline copper quaternary treated wood for better corrosion and rust resistance. the treated torx screws like the redline 2-1/2 inch long torx trailer screw for acq treated wood, part tfx250acq, are plated with a material that will resist the acq preservative used in treated wood, which is very corrosive because of the high levels

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screw and plug. the fasteners will be hidden when you drill a counter-bore and add a plug to cover the screw head. if youve got time to burn, the cheapest way of accomplishing this in wood decking is to make the plugs yourself with a plug cutter and a drill press. cut the plugs from the same material as the decking,

the best hidden fastener for treated wood decking

the camo hidden deck fastening system is the first and only hidden deck fastening system to be exclusively recommended with prowood pressure-treated wood decking. the camo system secures fasteners at an angle through the sides of deck boards rather than through the top of the boards.

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see rot-resistant deck lumber and flooring for a disucssion of lumber and flooring alternatives to preservative-treated wood. new preservatives and corrosion where we describe structural fasteners designed for use in pressure-treated lumber.

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well, i was creating girders with two 2x12's ,pressure treated .40 acq wood from *****, first glueing and then screwing in with phillps ii deck screws.

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find out what kind of screws you need to use for treated wood with help from a foreman for lighty contractors in this free video clip. beware never use deck screws - deck screws vs nails

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the camo edge deck fastening system works on the camo edge deck fastening system works on most treated lumber Seven Trust cedar composite or pvc deckboard. camo edge fasteners a camo marksman tool and camo driver bits combine to deliver a fastener-free deck surface at a price that makes getting the job easy and installing the deck even easier.

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codes and standards. for acq- and ca-treated wood, you need hardware with a g-185 coating figure 9 , which signifies 1.85 ounces of zinc per square foot. the measurement 1.85 ounces per square foot is somewhat misleading. it actually applies to a 1-foot-square piece of steel sheet, which of course has two faces,

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choosing the best deck screws starts with planning out the project and figuring out if the deck will be exposed to the weather regularly. generally, it is best to choose galvanized screws that are treated to resist water damage. some screws feature an extra waterproof coating as well that will help extend the life of the hardware.

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the majority of torx-drive woodworking fasteners are deck screws, but the drive style is gaining popularity for general-purpose construction and cabinet screws, too. robertson drivers come in six sizes, but 1 green , 2 red and 3 black drivers are used for wood screws from size 3 to size 14.

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galvanized steel screws, nails and bolts used with copper-treated wood must be hot-dipped in molten zinc at 850 degrees fahrenheit. these dull-gray fasteners must meet the astm a153 standard for zinc coating quality and the g-185 standard for coating amount. the g-185 coating is equivalent to 1.85 ounces of zinc per square foot of steel.

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deck fasteners and connectors. most treated yellow-pine, the dominant treated wood in the eastern and central u.s., now uses micronized formula that is thought to be less corrosive than standard acq and ca. other than the treatment chemicals use, several other factors affect the rate of corrosion, but moisture is the most important.