deck over concrete patio win a chip technology

warning painting concrete or pool decks can be bad

watch as we stain a concrete pool deck and review the coating. visit me on facebook for a chance to win a t-shirt. applying h and c acryla deck with cool feel technology paint to a concrete

knockdown finishes for concrete -- a cool concept for the

krach said a typical system installed by seven trust includes a polymeric coating-type material that is applied as a bonding agent or primer, a base coat of the cementitious product often a polymer-modified material, and a finish coat using the same cementitious material but applied with a hopper gun that dispenses globules over most, but not all, of the surface.

big red

decorative concrete stain, epoxy, polish and pool deck coating in kansas city decorative concrete transformations for over 20 years. big red decorative concrete in kansas city transforms plain grey concrete into unique, beautiful and useful surfaces.

graniflex the ultimate concrete coatings system

the graniflex decorative broadcasting system is a permanent, flexible, and decorative coating system. protecting the application pool-graniflexsurface with the sani-tred products and decorating with polymer flakes, quartz, or sand, the graniflex system delivers a durable high performance coating.

installing pavers on concrete unilock

installing pavers on concrete. below is a diagram to help better illustrate installing your pavers on top of a concrete base. caution: a bedding course of 1/8 clear chip stone on a concrete pad will provide the necessary drainage required, but will provide little or no give when final compaction of the pavers is attempted.

kool deck

to apply any overlay on existing concrete, there is some surface preparation and when isn't there surface preparation . it's relatively easy to get a great bond with kool deck to the concrete when done properly. mortex provides significant resources for helping contractors on how to properly prepare a surface for using pta bonding agent.

how to remove epoxy-gravel coatings from concrete decks

remove the plastic sheet. use a shovel to remove the loosened epoxy and gravel from the concrete deck surface. switch to a floor scraper to remove the gravel sections still stuck to the concrete. repeat the spray and removal process if only one layer of the coating comes up.

a concrete overlay makeover

a concrete overlay makeover how i resurface ugly concrete. that's right a concrete overlay can give your ugly concrete patio, floor, or pool deck a makeover. from a simple resurfacing to something quite decorative, the possibilities are amazing the overlay material was a total of 1/4 inch thick over an old concrete floor.

installing pavers over concrete

considerations before installing pavers over concrete. one of the best ways to improve the look of your existing concrete driveway, walkway, patio or pool deck is to lay pavers on top of it. its fairly easy for a professional paving company to do, but there are some things to consider before you get started.

help for paint flaking off a concrete patio our pastimes

help for paint flaking off a concrete patio by tuesday fuller ; updated september 15, 2017 whether your concrete patio was painted before you moved in or you painted it afterward to increase its visual appeal, you may find yourself having to look for help with paint flaking off the concrete patio.

foxcrete decorative concrete designs

foxcrete designs is a company that is changing the concrete and resurfacing industry. from resurfacing your old concrete surface to enhancing new construction with architectural styled concrete, we are changing the way the world uses concrete. our services span from installing stamped and colored concrete, and flatwork such as driveways, walkways, and patios to epoxy coatings, pool deck

the latest in pvc decking plus a lightweight paver for

resurfacing a tired deck or patio with seven trust resurfacing pavers literally is childs play. the product is made from up to 95% recycled material such as tires and food containers and weighs less than half as much as concrete pavers. but what really struck me about this product was the absolute ease of installation.

decorative concrete melbourne

we are a team dedicated to offer all types of decorative concrete work in melbourne, vic, australia. our services include concrete resurfacing, polished concrete, spray on concrete and epoxy floors.

how to pour a concrete patio with pictures

to pour a concrete patio, start by roping off the patio area. then, dig out the top layer of ground, and replace it with a layer of gravel. next, make a form around your patio out of 2x4s to hold the concrete in place. once the form is ready, mix the concrete and pour it all at once to avoid it splitting into slabs.

how to cover a concrete patio with pavers family handyman

cover the sand with field pavers. when the field is complete, glue down the final border pavers. then tamp the field with a plate compactor and sweep sand over the pavers to fill in the gaps. from here on out, this is mostly a standard paver job. lay the field pavers over concrete as you would on any paver patio.

the disadvantages of pouring concrete over existing

pouring a new layer of concrete over an existing walkway, patio or porch will raise the level by several inches. if the slab runs up to a door, the raised surface may not provide the necessary clearance for the door to open.

how to skim coat a concrete patio

if your patio, driveway, or other concrete slab is falling apart and losing its appeal then you need to give it a facelift. pouring a skim coat over the surface is exactly what your concrete needs

how to remove epoxy-gravel coatings from concrete decks

step 5. use a shovel to remove the loosened epoxy and gravel from the concrete deck surface. switch to a floor scraper to remove the gravel sections still stuck to the concrete. repeat the spray and removal process if only one layer of the coating comes up. you should be able to remove the remaining gravel and epoxy after the second application.

what are the pros and cons of rubber patio pavers?

rubber patio pavers are a relatively new addition to the market. most are made from recycled materials, and they are durable and resistant to wear and tear. they compete with concrete and brick pavers, which also have their own benefits, though of all the paver materials, rubber items are the easiest to install and replace. they may not be as aesthetically pleasing as other materials, and they may fade in direct sunlight more quickly, but they are a durable, affordable, eco-friendly choice

best concrete stain 2020

the concrete stain exterior type that we are going to talk about now is meant to be used on concrete surfaces that are outdoor. when you have a concrete surface outdoor, you may like you to take a boring gray slab, and transform it into a beautiful concrete patio. apart from patios, it can be your driveway or the desk of your pool as well.