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building a inexpensive ceiling under my existing 2nd story

my project to add a roof under my existing deck in preparation for creating a screened in porch. for part 2 the screened porch use this link or check out my channel.

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ive tried to include pictures of decking that you could create yourself. however, if you are someone that is looking for ideas that you could purchase, i wanted to include something for you too. so the article linked below includes around 20 decking designs that have been purchased and installed. check them out. see the railing design 21.

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under-deck ceilings. a number of recently introduced under-deck ceiling systems use corrugated aluminum or plastic panels designed to catch water that drains through decking and channel it away from the area below. among the newest is the raintight system, introduced at deck expo 2014.

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no matter which skirting you choose, install landscape fabric under your deck to prevent weed growth. finally, if you use a solid skirting, be sure to allow adequate airflow under the deck, and include a door or removable panel so you have access if you need it in the future.

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how to easily build a screened porch or room under an existing deck using screen tight from the seven trust. for part 1 building the ceiling check out my channel or use this link. www

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decks are important living spaces. they create a transition between indoors and outdoors. decks provide an area where we can entertain and relax. with that in mind, animals who make their home under the deck could make mischief and take a lot of your time and money in repairs.

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building a deck on the cheap generally means not using a treated wood, and then to compensate for this, using a wood preservative instead. some concessions can be made by doing this, as well as using deck screws instead of nails and sanded plywood for the top instead of individual boards, a deck made like this, although more labor intensive over its lifetime, can look and be just as beautiful

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aug 16, 2016 - the space under your deck is valuable. whether its used for landscaping, outside storage or a second outdoor living area, be sure to put it to good use so if you're looking for under-deck-inspiration, here you go . see more ideas about under decks, outdoor living and deck design.

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when constructing a deck, what you place below the deck can be just as important as the materials and finishes you choose for the surface. while placing a layer of gravel on the ground below the

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how to build an under-deck roof. convert the space under a second-story deck into a dry, spacious patio by installing this simple, under deck ceiling and gutter system. patio ceiling ideas cheap ceiling ideas sunroom ideas under deck ceiling small sunroom porch ideas porch ceiling ceiling tiles small cabin bathroom.

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whatever style you choose, keep in mind that no other element does more to determine a deck's look than its railing. and here are some tips for you when design your own deck railing. security is the most important thing you must consider firstly.

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since it is a multilevel deck that was built right above a room on the ground floor, you cant cover all the the area under the deck using deck skirting. take a crack at placing 20 inches lattices from the edge of your deck. let the skirting hang above the ground to create an incredible look. skagit bay waterfront, camano island, wa.

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this topic is awesome presenting some of the deck skirting ideas to try at home you can use to turn your photos, pictures, and images. deck skirting secrete the area below a deck or porch, keeping wildlife and pets while creating ideal outdoor storage. it includes front porch skirting ideas storage combination of an outdoor.

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a deck thats 30 inches or more off the ground is a candidate for under the deck storage. to use that space, youll need to answer a question: wet, or dry? wet storage doesnt have to be protected from the elements, which means youll be storing weatherproof items such as pvc pipe, plastic

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here is an example of a completed underdeck system which turned a previously unused space into one where you can have a cookout, a card party or just enjoy a quiet hideaway for reading or relaxing. notice the white gutter on the left which effectively channels all rainwater runoff from the upper deck out into the backyard.

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a patterned deck -- such as this waterfront deck with a circular checkerboard inlay -- works best with a clean, simple railing that doesn't compete with the pattern. it ties the design together by using crisp, white decking to play off of the unique pattern.