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the covered porch space will have the deck above off the master bedroom. i am looking for advice on how to construct the 2nd floor deck with a typical deck floor 5/4 x 6 pressure treated or seven trust , allow water to drain off, and remain watertight to the living space below within the 2x12 floor joist height.

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building a deck over a living space when marie called me over to check out her rooftop patio, i expected the worst. and thats just what i found. built over the family room, the deck consisted of a thin concrete slab poured over 2×8 rafters that leaked sideways and down. best practices for building a deck-stair landing. how to

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the challenges of exterior tile installation, especially over occupied living space. movement joints as well as mortar, waterproofing, and tile selections.

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open decks above living spaces have had many failures, but they don't have to. the secret to a successful deck/roof is a good system of waterproofing and drainage, correctly installed and maintained. it can be a finish in itself or topped with a finish material, such as concrete or tile.

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either will work. the drainage system, flashing details, and waterproofing membrane that go over the structural deck are the key to success. the most common approach is to use a heavy-gauge epdm membrane typically 60 mil as the roofing membrane, usually placed over rigid insulation. some key details for a leakproof rooftop deck are: epdm is the best choice for most rooftop decks.

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nothing presents luxurious, private outdoor living space quite like flat roof decks. seven trust vinyl membranes provide an easy, one product solution that meets building code requirements for both a roofing membrane and pedestrian surface in a single application. traditional roofing products can provide the waterproofing component for your flat roof applications, but a second product is required for the pedestrian surface.

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best deck product over living space maintenance free outdoor living at its best with seven trust you can waterproof your deck, creating a dry space below, or convert your flat roof into an outdoor oasis.

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a deck waterproofing should ideally have the following layers: a good and from the scuffing that comes from laying a finish product over it. roof decks over conditioned area build blog apr 8, 2014 a deck over living space demonstrates architectural sophistication and wood decking with air gaps in between , gather on the waterproof

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deck waterproofing is especially important for any homeowner with a roofdeck over a living space. its far more expensive to replace or repair a leaky roof deck and the interior of a room under a leaky deck than it is to waterproof your deck properly in the first place.

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considering to use ames products designed for roof decks over living space: 1. install marine grade plywood over the joists 2. tape the joists with seam tape 3. prime with super primer 2 coats 4. apply elasto berrier with contouring roofing fabric 2 coats 5. apply maximum stretch 6.

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exterior tile over a living space?? discussion in 'ceramic and stone q and a' started by barry carlton, mar 7, 2011. tags: i'm thinking your best bet would be to contact architects as they would probably be the ones contacted in regards to this type of project. exterior decks over living space.

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re: deck over living space? posted by gregory la vardera at april 08. 2005 i had a sales rep in this morning that showed me a product that forms a roof membrane and the walking surface in one multi-coat system that is only about 1/4 - 3/8 thick and can go directly over a plywood deck.

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40 best design ideas to make space under deck. the point is that you put it in the ceiling of the region you desire to light. even a little tree creates some shade. always make certain the surface is a bit rough. then youll have the framework for the best backdrop for what you ought to build around.

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waterproof decking over living spaces high quality and low maintenance. finding ways to make the most out of the living space of our homes continues to be a challenge. now you can take advantage of the outside space of your home on every level. waterproof decking provides an attractive additional living space above or below the deck surface.

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tom: well, this sounds like a good project, diane, but i have to tell you that generally, when people try to convert deck into living space ive seen it done many, many times, especially in the 20 years i spent as a professional home inspector it just doesnt work, for a lot of reasons.

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all of the cool, futuristic automation options you have in your home apply to the outdoors, too. from infrared heaters to warm the space all winter long to tvs, fireplaces, and lighting, the options are endless. lighting in particularwhich is a staple of any outdoor living spacehas come a long way.

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ideal for exterior decks over living space. how to waterproof and seal a roof deck roof decks, by definition, are decks that exist over living areas, a garage, or over an area that acts like a deck that is intended to be waterproof, yet can be

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there are about a dozen cementitious waterproofing systems that can be applied over wood framing. they are distributed primarily in the west, a region where there is significant demand for fire-rated waterproof decks. we use a product called desert crete hill brothers chemical co., 800/994-8801, , because its maker has been in

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tufdek is the industrys leading manufacturer and supplier of waterproof decking over living space. tufdek has the best performing system available today.

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the thin, low-profile system 50 mils dry/<1/4' is a perfect solution for low threshold applications on exterior balconies, decks or most areas over living spaces. click here to see installation images.

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re: deck over living space hank, i used it over a hot tub room i had built. before i had put the decking down; i had put a layer of ice and water sheild, then a layer of torch down roofing, and then the lockdry decking. i have not had any call backs as of yet. this is a great product, but they don't do a real good job of packaging the material.

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re: deck over living space you will either pay now or pay later. if you build anything on top of the rubber, it will fail. if you put furniture or use the roof/deck on top of the rubber, it will fail. if it is simply a flat roof with no people access, the 60 mil epdm will work great.

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there is a lot living space. the waterproofing for the new deck is in fact the roofing material. new options for waterproofing decks - similar to new options for waterproofing decks horizontal surfaces exposed to the weather can be difficult to waterproof. pvc membrane is designed specifically for waterproofing decks over living space.

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re: outdoor tiled deck over living space i talked to my tilesetter this evening. he is proposing a waterproofing system from mer-ko to waterproof the plywood, then a mortar bed, then another waterproofing layer over that i assume a liquid applied product but didn't ask .